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  1. Hello, I had previously seen a thread (I believe it was here), that gave an example of a script that would allow the user to choose if they wanted to save as either an Excel document or as a PDF. I had just seen it recently, but forgot to bookmark it and can not find it again in my browser history. I have also tried searching for it through Google, and the search here but can not seem to find it again. I really don't want to repeat the question and start another thread for it as from what I remember it was already answered. I just wanted to know if anyone else remembered such a po
  2. That's my stand on it as well. Maybe I will script a check-box to turn the rounding on and off, like it has in excel. But I at least wanted to know how, so my example will match with the excel example. I will probably leave it off for now though. Thanks, so much for all of your help I really appreciate it!
  3. Also, if anyone needs this without the rounding feature, there is a zip file below with an example. Amortization Table with Additonal Payment Option.zip
  4. That did work very well. Thank you. It's no longer going into the negatives and does stop. Once the Balance hit's 0. Then perhaps I was incorrect in thinking that. Apologies. It will round .009 down to 0 as well. For example: the excel sheet I have has rounding on. When I click it off the example sheet and my table match up perfectly. However, when it is on (which from what I understand for this accountant is per normal), I am off by cents within the second balance line, then the further it goes down, the more fields are off. Why I said yes to the above (.009 round dow
  5. Okay I'm back and I have two more things: 1) I apparently need re-schooled in how the "Exit loof if" script works. As I have everything working perfectly expect for that the loop keeps running. I tried to Exit Loop If [$principal=0], Exit loop if [not $principal] and a few other options. The $principal (Schedule: Balance) is set to deplete. But when it reaches 0 it just keeps going into the negative, and on and on. The Script: Go to related record [show only related records; "schedule"] Set Variable [$recNum Value:Get (RecordNumber) Go to record [Last] Loop Exit loop if [Get(reco
  6. Perfect. I had a small data modeling error (extra option clicked in the relationship section that I didn't notice) that wasn't allowing it to work at first, but I fixed it and the script worked perfectly. Now I just need to add on to that, so it will re-calculate the rest of the table as well. I'm *assuming* I can repeat my first script (that generates the whole table) but just make alterations for the changes due to the additional payment and the variables you mentioned above?
  7. Okay, I'm still stuck on step one. Deleting the subsequent records.... I've tried to perform a find (to find the record with the additional payment on it, so say payment number 4), loop, go to related record/request/page [next] (to go to the following record, payment number 5), then delete record/request, end loop. Of course silly me, it deletes everything and not just to following records 5-whatever. I then remembered reading that the delete record/request will actually delete the master. Is this true? If so then it makes perfect sense that everything was then deleted as opposed to the f
  8. Thanks for the reply's. Lee Smith, I looked at Google before posting and there are tons of Amortized Loan Schedule examples. However, I could not find any which also accounted for anything regarding an extra payment. If you found something I didn't and would be willing to post a link I would be grateful. Thanks so much for your replay. Comment, yes, I had assumed I couldn't regenerate the "entire" table. As like you said I would lose even the additional payment. So deleting subsequent records makes sense. You are also correct in your third point, the example I have with an additional
  9. Hello! First off I would like to apologize, I've taken a rather long hiatus from developing in FM and have picked it back up recently(within the past two weeks or so). So if my question seems "noob-ish", it probably is, as I am not really reacquainted with the program yet and am still trying to find my barrings. So some simple things are simply getting by me. With that being said I greatly appreciate the time anyone takes to try and answer my question an explain things to me. Now, down to my question. I'll try to be a little more in-depth encase whomever is reading this is not really f
  10. Okay, I have it figured out. eos you were absolutely right it was an issue with data modeling. After creating a related table for taxes I was able to achieve what I was after. I took away the merged fields and opted to use a portal to display the fields: Due Date, Estimate, and Paid. I used conditional formatting to control the fields so they are not visible 61 days before the due date, or 30 days after. I scripted a button to insert a calculated value into the paid field, " [estimate] Paid [year]" (Example: 376.59 Paid 2014), which is then put into a log to hold paid information on
  11. Hello, First I would like to say thanks for taking the time to read over my post. I appreciate any tips anyone can give me. If I have placed this in the wrong section apologies, I wasn't sure if this would be a scripting question or a conditional formatting question. A quick explanation of what I am trying to achieve: I am currently working on a project having to do with properties (just to give a better idea of how I wish to use this). I have created a merge fields/text area that will display when annual taxes are due for a particular property as follows: "Taxes due <<TaxDa
  12. Hello Matthew F, Our database is hosted remotely through an online company(datatrium), so it is actually on their server. The version used to host is FM 12 server advanced, and I do have access to the Server Admin console. I'm not sure as to "why", from what I am getting from other users is that when they leave the program it logs them out (on FM Go). So this is leaving me to assume in this instance that they are actually closing the app on their mobile deceives. I have been looking into extended privileges and have changed the maximum idle time(it was at default 10 minutes). Essentiall
  13. Hello, I looked back through several pages and did not see this. If I am re-posting and someone knows where I can access a like topic and could direct me where to find it I would appreciate it. I was simply wondering if there is a way to set up an account to stay logged in without having to re-authenticate username and password every time a user goes to access the database? Example: Say there are three accounts 1 Admin (full access), than user 1 and user 2 who (data entry only access). The database is set up almost as a Receptionist log, and needs to be accessed quickly in the event of a
  14. Sure, I have inculded a clone of the file below. I'm not sure if it will open on the main page, the layout I am having problems with will be call "LCCLay". On the right hand side of the layout you'll see a checklist. The portal is on the second tab on this layout (Please excuse how messy some of it looks as I tried to remake the enitre section). I just want it to where if you click a value in the checklist you would be able to go over to the portal and just keep track of who clicked on what, so idealy the value that was clicked on will appear in the first field, and two other fields are set up
  15. Forgive me if this has already been asked, I looked and could not find anything realitive within the forums and not seraching via google either. I am also very new to FileMaker but have done a very large amount of research and study before starting my project so I do have a farily good understanding of the program. Just to give a better idea: I have a layout for client information and then a checklist(which is on a different table, same table as the portal also on this layout). The idea was you could check off one of the values within the checklist, the value would then autopopulate wi
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