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    zulu 2 and FMS 16

    Hey... Thanks,
  2. pfroelicher

    Zulu configuration questions

    Yes.. It is a fickle thing. However I cannot complain.. because I think its "fickleness" for me stems from the fact that I/WE do not use plain vanilla setups. I only try to upgrade my server every 2 year... because whenever I start changing somethings break. I have SERVER macOS 5.2 running with fms15, 4 websites, DNS and RADIUS for a 5 persons team... and I am no IT man... just an entrepreneur that does his own IT infrastructure. I think in two years or so, when my mac Mini retires 2010 model...I go to AWS for filemaker hosting. Until then there might be built in iCal compatibility in fm. . Also.. their support was always very competent. In the early days I spoke diretly with John Sindelair on the phone and today 360 works always helps when you open a ticket through the web interface. Yours pierre
  3. Has anyone tested if zulu is filemaker server 16 compatible? Yours Pierre
  4. pfroelicher

    Zulu configuration questions

    Hi Peter.. Incredible but true.. I have the same setup. I follow this instructions from Alexey to set up fms and OS X server alongside. https://www.precursor.ca/precursor/resources/rais/landing/ReverseProxyTutorial.html Then Zulu worked Ok for me after including in the zulu.xml file the port 8001, attributed to fms15 to the jdbc.host yours Pierre
  5. Hi there, I run ZULU 2,110 and fms 15. If I change an event in iCal i get an O servidor respondeu com “500” a operação CalDAVWriteEntityQueueableOperation. Error. Also my server logs are full of SECURITY: Client "ReadOnly []" authentication failed on database "ZuluSampleData.fmp12" using "ReadOnly [fmxml]". messages. (since years...hehe). What shall I do? Yours Pierre
  6. I must say that I upgrade systems with Filemaker Server installed many times without glitches. Always the Library/Filemakerserver/ folder was not influenced.
  7. pfroelicher

    Cannot alter events in iCal

    Actually I just saw, that I cannot create the iCal accounts. I can publish the calendar, but then when I create an iCal account with advanced settings using fmserver.mycompany.com/zulu/calendars/ZuluSampleData I cannot login.. not with a fixed account, not with a Server account. OD works, Filemaker Server works. i can login in other functions.. Just darn Calendars do not work. I sent you a log file.
  8. Zulu is up, I can access the localhost/zulu page and publish. However when I try to alter an event in iCal it give me Caldavwriteentityqueableoperation and the server says roberta XML 105 498 "/fmi/xml/FMPXMLRESULT.xml?-db=ZuluSampleData&-lay=ProscNoSuchTable&-view" Any hints?
  9. Dear Buckie, El Capitan introduced SIP. Sometimes files not deemed trustful get moved into /library/systemmigration . Did you look there for your stuff? Yours Pierre
  10. Webko, thanks for your reply. I run FMS14.04 on a El Capitan Machine with OS X Server 5.015. FMS is compatible with 10.11.2 However this is not a optimal configuration since FMS and the Server app fight for http and ports 80 and 443. However with a help from precursor.ca (reverse proxies) I run this setup for a couple of year (since FMS13) and we would like to continue and not invest in another CPU. Now, FMS and Server are functioning, I have web direct, OS X Server functions, OD, Filesharing, Profile Manager.. Only the darn Zulu.. cannot yet get it to work.. Pierre
  11. Dear Support, I have an unusual setup in that I run OS X Server and Fms14 on one machine. I reinstalled the FMS Server..here everything works. Web direct, Websites from the SERVER app 5.15. When I run the installer it downloads the Tomcat version 7.07.. but still it says: Installation failed, deployed application at context path/zulu but context failed to start. What can I do. I try to run OS X Server 5.15 and Fms14 on one machine using reverse proxies. FMS uses ports 8001 for http and 8011 for Https. Everything works but I cannot install Zulu2. With Zulu1 and Yosemite the thing worked now for nearly two year.. but I wanted to upgrade to keep up to date. Help appreciated. Pierre
  12. after much fideling around, vhost settings in fms, two IP numbers, all to no avail, since osx server always takes over httpd... I tried this approach..... And it works like a charm! Thanks precursor!
  13. pfroelicher

    FMS14 compatibility

    Yes I can access localhost/zulu just fine with https Or I can access fmserver.myhost:42424/zulu with http I confess :-) that I run fmserver.myhost.com at Port 8001 and ssl at Port 8080 and access.myserver.com for for the apple server. Then I use reverse proxy as described in the tutorial. But somehow the zulu instalation does not like that. IF I can acess 42424 port...then how do I have to alter the publish script or my calendar accesses? Thanks Pierre
  14. pfroelicher

    FMS14 compatibility

    Joe, I had it all working, even with server.app running, I had websites turned off and had fms server handle all the httpd stuff. Now I changed my setup (upgrade to fms14.v2, OS10.10.4 and Server4.1.3) and have server.app do httpd, and use por 8001 and 8011 and reverse proxies with a webapp for filemaker as described in this link Revers proxyTutorial. But now I get again the error: Calendar Publishing Errorjava.sql.SQLException: Could not connect to database at Server returned unexpected status code: 404 for URL "" message: Not FoundThe requested URL /fmi/xml/FMPXMLRESULT.xml was not found on this server. I know it is not plain vanilla, but I am sure it should be able to work..or make workable. The setup is quite cool and permits use of all server funcionality AND fms...hmmm.. exept.. zulu.. up to now. Help or hints appreciated. Pierre
  15. pfroelicher

    FMS14 compatibility

    Joe, this worked fine for me FMS14 with OSX10.10.3 However I try to tweak the installation a bit and run OSX server on the same machine, mainly for websites and Open Directory. I know, that it is none of you business to support non plain vanilla stuff.. but with FMS13 I had it working. Now I get when I publish. XML is enabled, Web publishing is On, CWP is on and the localhost/zulu page loads OK, however the webserver I had to switch off. Do you have a hint how to make this work? Yours Pierre

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