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  1. I use Zulu for years now to show our production Schedule (What Product, How Many units run When, on what Production Line and Purchase Orders, What will be delivered/or at least is promised to be delivered :-)). However.. if an production order spans multiple days, it is not very readable in the calendar. In that case, I would like to show the event as "recurring".. but only in that case. Is that achievable?
  2. Ryan, thanks for you answer. We use ZULU and would like to see this happen. I am all for looking forward.. but XML is still pretty hot.. hehe. they could have moved this one.
  3. it seems that php and xml publishing will not work on Linux based servers in 19. it is my understanding that zulu uses xml... will zulu no longer work if we port our server to linux? opinions apreciated. pierre
  4. Hi, We installed Zulu 4, when we updated our server, moved it to a macmini in house from AWS. We run 10.15 Catalina, FMS18.03. Our setup is special in that we have a reverse proxy, with one external IP we have two internal servers, access.mydomain at 10.x,x.10 and fmserver at 10.x.x.20. Everything works on the local machine. I can Web Direct, the Zulu Admin page works, in the 360work Java app I see Zulu4.0 working. xml is enabled. If I publish the stock calendar of the Zulu2SampleData file It publishes.. But.. I cannot login. Checked credentials. If I look at the log files th
  5. Does anyone know.. how I make, when the AWS instance restart, that the 360works App Server restarts too. ??
  6. Hi, I host my FMS17 server now on a EC2 T3-Medium AWS instance, which for cost reasons I stop at night and start during business hours. It seems that Zulu does not like that, it does not auto-restart. Every day I have to access the instance and manually restart Zulu with the 360work Java app. I might say, that this was not always so.. Only once I upgrade the machine from a t2 to a t3. Is there a way to circumvent this? What can I do?
  7. I tested it. Run it on a EC t2 medium WINS2012R2 with FMS17 and I installed it and it ran no problem. You have to manually start the xml publishing by typing fmsadmin set cwpconfig enablexml=true hth
  8. I have ran macOS server with reverse proxy for years but Fms17 is not supporting other IP addresses anymore. I spent two days on the problem fiddeling in the files but I think it is not possible to run FMS17 on a machine that has any other listener on port 80 and 443. yours p
  9. Hi I have for years run macOS Server (mainly for OD and Filesharing and Websites) and Filemaker Server. This has NOT been supported by Filemaker since Web Direct, FMS13?.. but one could make it work using Reverse Proxy and setting other ports than 80 and 443 during the Deploy Server Setup. There is an exellent turorial on precursor.ca ‘s page called Reverse Proxy. Now.. In FMS17 there is no way to set the port, there IS no deployment step anymore, there ... anyway..they changed it a lot the whole setup and Apache use. Does anyone know how to make this work..? We have run
  10. Hi Grovph

    are you still looking for a developer in Filemaker or any other language. 

    We are offering theses services in the São Paulo area. 

    Give me a shout if you are interested. 


    or 11 981797553

  11. Yes.. It is a fickle thing. However I cannot complain.. because I think its "fickleness" for me stems from the fact that I/WE do not use plain vanilla setups. I only try to upgrade my server every 2 year... because whenever I start changing somethings break. I have SERVER macOS 5.2 running with fms15, 4 websites, DNS and RADIUS for a 5 persons team... and I am no IT man... just an entrepreneur that does his own IT infrastructure. I think in two years or so, when my mac Mini retires 2010 model...I go to AWS for filemaker hosting. Until then there might be built in iCal compatibility in fm. .
  12. Has anyone tested if zulu is filemaker server 16 compatible? Yours Pierre
  13. Hi Peter.. Incredible but true.. I have the same setup. I follow this instructions from Alexey to set up fms and OS X server alongside. https://www.precursor.ca/precursor/resources/rais/landing/ReverseProxyTutorial.html Then Zulu worked Ok for me after including in the zulu.xml file the port 8001, attributed to fms15 to the jdbc.host yours Pierre
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