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  1. I have setup a layer with web viewer. I can maneuver within the website just fine but, I would like it if when the website loads it would send 4 carriage returns to get to a specific field within the website. If anyone has any ideas on how I can accomplish this it would be greatly appreciated. Thank You John
  2. Thanks I will take a look at the file. Yeah I tried that but, the problem is that the pop-up has to change dependent upon the client selected. on 90% of the clients their would be no pop-up but the department field would need to be able to be manually entered data into.
  3. thanks for your input but, The solution I think I am going to go with is to make a separate drop down field that will only be visible when that client is selected.
  4. I tried that. it works great when that particular client is selected but, when another client is selected the department field is not able to be written in. i am probably missing some step.
  5. I have a department field that has around 30 different departments. When the client field has the correct client in it i want the list to be available. but, i want to be able to select the correct department from a list. a drop down list will not work due to the fact i have over 2000 clients.
  6. I am trying to make a list that is select-able and the values are base on another field. I have tried the following but for some reason the values are all or none. If(at_client_sn=814; List(at_department; "ALBANY MEDICAL CLINIC"; "ALBANY SURGICAL ASSOC"; "ALBANY SURGICAL CENTER"; "ELM ST. PROFESSIONAL"; "EYECARE ASSOC"; "GEARY ST. CLINIC"; "INTERCOMMUNITY HEALTH"; "LEBANON COMM. HOSPITAL"; "LEBANON IMAGING DEPT."; "LEBANON SURGICAL ASSOC."; "MAIN ST. CLINIC"; "N. LINCOLN MEDICAL PLAZA"; "PHYSICIANS REF. NETWORK"; "REBOUND PHYSICAL THERAPY"; "SAMARITAN ADMITTING"; "SAMARITAN ENDOCRINOLOGY"; "
  7. I am having an issue with pdf images not staying properly rotated. For example i import a pdf into a container field it is upside down I rotate the image in the container field ctrl + shift + +(-) and the image rotates. I then go to the next record and go back to record I just rotated and the image and the image is back to being upside down. Is this a problem with filemaker or is their a fix for it. Thank you
  8. I followed the following instructions i got 13.0v1 back and everything appears to be working. So I tried to run the updater again. Well this time the updater starts but stops after it removes Microsoft Application Request Routing. Travis Green: Thank you for the post. From a browser on the server COMPUTER, test the following URL: https://localhost:16000/ Does the FileMaker Server 13 Start Page fail to load? Does http://localhost/ load the "FileMaker DATABASE SERVER Website"? If not, we may be having an issue interacting with IIS. If none of those pages load:
  9. Hey all, I just upgraded from filemaker 13.0v1 to 13.0v3 the problem is prior to the update the admin console was working now it is not. the server event viewer keeps giving me an error code of 701(admin server process has terminated abnormally). Java is running. Before the update i was able to telnet into port 16001 now I am unable to. any help would appreciatied.
  10. I have a container field that is populated primarily by pdf files. Every once in a great while a user will copy a pdf from one records container field to another records container field. The problem is that for some reason filemaker converts the file that is copied into the new records container field to a .wmf file type. I need to either need to figure out how to have filemaker retain the file type when a user selects copy and paste or to have filemaker display the file name in a separate field. I am using filemaker server 13 and the container fields are stored externally and also securely. A
  11. how do you have filemaker server advanced only save changed external data. my backup, backs up all the external data regardless of when the last time it was changed.
  12. Actually it seems that the filemaker server software was corrupted. I uninstalled ver 12 and upgraded to 13 and all is well. Thankyou for your reply.
  13. I am running filemaker server advanced ver on a server running server 2012 standard. This morning the main database crashed and it recovered. But, I have two databases that have container fields. The data is stored as a file and not as a reference. when looking at the container field from the filemaker client the container field does not display the pdf instead it displays a http status 404/Streaming/MainDB/Fm....pdf instead. I can export the container field and the document is exported correctly. I just do not understand why the container field is not displaying an image of the
  14. I am using filemaker pro 12 with advanced server 12.. I have a container field that contains pdf's. The images some time are not oriented correctly and when i flip the image within the container field it does not remaing flipped. I flip the image leave the record and come back into the record but, the image goes back to the original orientation. is this a known issue or am i missing something?
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