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  1. PDF to JPG

    Make a layout that contains nothing but the PDF container. Go into Preview mode. Select "Copy" from the edit menu. Go back into browse mode. Select a second container field and select "Paste" from the edit menu. Viola, a jpg in the second container field of the PDF as displayed in Preview Mode. You can then export the field contents to get it to the desktop. This works perfectly well in a looping script to do this for the entire found set.
  2. The things where you can't have a field extend down past the bottom of the row is inconsistent. I had it working just fine for a few hours, and then it suddenly stopped again after I moved a field horizontally within the portal row. Just now, I even had a field that I increased the font size on by 1 point, which didn't affect the size or position of it at all as it was already bigger than needed to accomodate the larger text... and the portal "dropped" it. Because I changed the font formating. Sorry, FM12 is a *DOG*. They're on 12v4 and it still isn't fixed. I definitely think it's a serious enough concern to avoid developing on it... I have wasted over 2 hours tonight just on trying to get the fields in a single portal to show up right, something that would have taken 15 seconds on any other version of FileMaker within the last 15 years. Not being able to place fields in portals is an extremely serious problem. It's just not ready for primetime, it's v.4 and it still acts like an early beta. I very rarely feel this strongly about software, but I'm honestly disgusted that they would release this, let alone let it get to rev 4 of the major release without bothering to fix these dealkiller bugs.
  3. Ack! No matter what I do now, I cannot, cannot, cannot place a field in the portal. Drag, duplicate, cut, paste, create new, name it. The portal DOES NOT accept the fields as being contained within it. I'm going to have to rewrite from scratch in FM11 if I can't figure this out. I hope FMI fixes this in 12v5 or 13, I can't work like this at all. This has ground my project to a complete standstill.
  4. I'm doing my first major project and experiencing a great deal of trouble with keeping my portals operating correctly. I'm an old-time FM developer, almost full time since v2.1, and understand fully how portals work in every version of the program from 3-11. It seems like there are bugs in the portals in v12. I have a field in a portal, I nudge it one pixel to the right or down, still within the portal visually, and suddenly it doesn't work any more... it doesn't repeat, and if I drag the whole portal, it doesn't move with it anymore. My understanding was, the top left corner of a field determines whether it is in a portal or not, and in FM12 you have to drag it into the portal, portals can be moved on top of objects now without "including" them if the object wasn't dragged intentionally into the portal. But it's taking me 5 and 6 tries, dragging fields out of and back into portals, before it suddenly works, and I can't detect any rhyme or reason to when it works and when it doesn't. It seems like maybe now an object has to be completely contained by the first portal row, ie both the top left and bottom right corners must be within it, in order to be included in the portal? This is a huge inconvenience if true... but even this has not been consistent, sometimes fields that extend down past the bottom of the first row (to eliminate verical space between the fields) repeat as part of the portal and move with it when dragged, but sometimes not. It's like, I have a field in the portal. Nudge it up a pixel- it's not in the portal anymore. So nudge it back down a pixel- and still not in the portal. Move it far out of the portal, save the layout, move it back to it's original position when it worked fine. Still not in the portal. Do that two or three more times. Give up, go have a beer, and wonder if I want to be a FileMaker developer anymore. Come back, try the same exact thing once more, and this time it works. Has anybody figured out the specific rules for when a field is or is not in a portal? Unfortunately I can't attach a copy of the file, it's confidential. If I could editorialize for a second, I'm pretty disgusted by this first major project experience with FM12. It seems like they included a couple of "gee whiz" not particularly useful proof-of-concept features (fugly layout themes that you can't customize and invariably include unwanted padding on every object? What? Making portals more easily moveable, at cost of making it nearly impossible to move a field within one without breaking it? Huh?) and made a whole bunch of giant steps backwards in terms of polish and usability. I have a lot of trepidation that FM13 will be another step backwards for someone's crazy idea of what it would be "neat" to include. I mean, working with portals is a very fundamental aspect of FM development to go and suddenly make difficult. I depend on FM for my livelihood and this experience doesn't bode well.

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