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  1. thank you sir, if we purchase through the link you gave sir, will they send us the product package or they will send the license through email only. thank you for your reply sir, but it redirect me to australia for puschase.
  2. sir good day, sir i would like to ask if any of you have any idea if theres a filemaker distributor or reseller in the philippines? the company where im working now wants to purchase the filemaker product.
  3. Hi good day everyone, i would like to ask some help or give me some idea about database back up using maped network shred folder. is it possible to back my database using the shared folder from my another computer? or any the networked drive map.
  4. yes sir i have a back up, but even the back up file is the same. i suspected that the database was partialy damaged. coz i have daily schedule back up and all of them have the same problem. but i have a back up that works, my option is to import the records to the database thats working but my problem is the recovered database was empty or 0 records. the recovery reported was succesfull. and it takes me 3 -4 hours to recover the database. is there any way i could do to recover the records of the database. i know the database have a records coz the file size is still 10gb after rec
  5. hi sir good day, im new here in the furom. i have a problem with my database file. i dont know if my database is corrupted or damage but if i open the file an error poping out "the file <databasefilename>.fp7 could not be opened becuase it needs to be converted to this version of filemaker Pro". but before the error appear i can open the database file with filemaker pro 11 or 11 advance, and the file was created with the same version of filemaker. i already tried to recover the file using the filemaker recovery process. the file was recoverd and i can opened the database but the
  6. thank you for the reply sir... i solved my problem... i just relate the tables i imported from my main databse.. and also it needs to revise some calculation of the script that i imported..
  7. i already used script debugging and the script seems to work fine. but in brows mode the error still poping up.. or maybe its somehting to do with my table relationship or something wrong when im importing the tables and scripts.
  8. hi guys,  im new here as well as filemaker user, i have a problem about my script, it started when i import table from my another filemaker file.  can you explain to me what does this error means.  " error in script: load source settings by number, we can't go to the correct layout. Either no source number parameter was passed into this script or there is no " Source X " layout where X is the source number".
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