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  1. Hi Any ideas why I'm seeing a different behaviour now in the browser? See this thread for details. Thanks Martin
  2. Hi Following on from this thread, I have made the changes to the test version of the application by adding a duplicate edit-box control and tested that it works when running locally in FileMaker. Users are now testing but are now unable to select an option from the pop-up menu (which they could previously). All I ended up doing was setting a conditional hide to the input alongside the status so it was hidden when status was set to Pending, and then after adding the edit-box, hide either the pop-up or edit-box based on the content of the field being "Complete" I'm viewing this in Chrome. A
  3. OK, so I wasn't aware you could use Self in this context...very useful! But for some reason, even after double-checking (and triple-checking) my logic, they both hide when set to Complete. I have removed all script triggers from the events, and am simply relying on the logic above. So to check, they both point to the same data field, ie Client_ACTIVITY:_Status and they are both the same size/position, the new one is a simple Edit box but with the options in 'Field entry' unticked... Original field: New field: Any ideas what I've done wrong? Thanks in advance Martin Don't worry, ha
  4. Thanks. As a relative newbie (who is trying to maintain a FM app written by a third party), not quite sure I understand your suggestion. For some background, the default value for this field is Pending, and can only be changed to Complete once. If there is a need to revert it, admin users can delete the record and allow the user to re-enter a new one. In other languages, I'd simply disable the control once it was set to Complete but this isn't possible (as far as I am aware) in FM. Thanks again Martin
  5. Hi So I'm just trying to understand why my logic isn't working as expected. I have a pop-up menu within a portal that resides on one of six tabs of a multi-tab control. The options for the pop-up menu are 'Complete' or 'Pending'. The business logic is that if the field is Complete, it cannot be set back to Pending. So my logic was to write two small scripts; one to store the value of the field, and another to tell the user they are unable to revert it and to reset it back to it's original value. Â so the first script (called StoreCurrentStatus) is simply: Set Variable [$$CurrentStatus;
  6. The answer is you have to use the email address, not the alias
  7. I support an application written in FM13, and have recently made a minor change to the system to cc two email distribution lists each time an email is sent by a script step. I made the change by adding the email aliases, separated by semi-colons to the script, using the Send Mail Options dialog: The email alias masks the actual email address, so in the dummy examples above, each would resolve as, say, my.group.1@mydomain.com and my.group.2@mydomain.com. Is this valid? Or should I use the actual email addresses instead of the aliases? The items are hard-coded into the script as they are
  8. Thanks, that's as I suspected. Regards Martin
  9. Thanks, that's helpful. I had suspected the same, so good to get confirmation. No, the documents are created using server side scripts, and as the application is hosted on the FM Server, the export process defines the save location as the documents path (Get ( DocumentsPath ) ) and a fixed name per report with a date/time stamp appended to ensure unique reports. Thanks again Martin
  10. Hi Just a question to get a feel for if this is possible. I support a FileMaker application (FM13+Server) written mostly by a third party, which the bulk of the requirement was for reporting. So the user runs a report, which creates an Excel document with selected columns of data (using a defined criteria to generate). At the moment, I have written a script to copy all documents from the documents folder on the FM server to a network location, and set up a scheduled task in Server to run this every 5 minutes. The users would rather the document opens when complete so they can save it to any p
  11. I did, but felt the time it would take for me to set up sufficient data for it to make sense and to then write sufficient instructions on how to get to the issue, and because of company branding etc, decided against including a copy. It may be the right thing to do, and i totally appreciate where you are coming from but due to the specific business focus this covers, it is not something that would be easy to document simply! Martin
  12. Hi Lee I didn't include the application because firstly it contains confidential data and secondly would take too long to explain how to get to where the issue is in terms of using the tool. I appreciate I could have removed all the data, but still, giving instructions would have taken too long. I appreciate your point raised, I would happily of included the file if it was possible. Martin
  13. They do, I mis-interpreted the requirements, but you managed to second guess that anyway Yes, I can see your point (and it's applied to four fields, not three). I'm actually going on a two day training course (as to date have had no training on FM - could you guess? ), so maybe I can bring this up and learn how to apply it in a privilege set, and not as currently. OK, thanks - for whatever reason the 5 minutes was specific, but worth knowing - thanks. Martin
  14. Seems I described it wrongly - after 5 minutes, a user cannot modify the entire record, which is what you say should be happening - that's correct. Non-users can modify anytime. Thanks Martin
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