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  1. Dear FM Forums Users I’m looking for some assistance to filter records based on a 2 table relationship. My solution has the following tables: Users (contains fields - ID, Name, account creation date, etc) Activities (contains fields - Activity ID, User ID, start date, start time, etc) Real life example: Lets say i have 10'000 registered users in the Users table, with registration dates ranging from the 1st Jan 2018 to 11th May 2019. Desired output: I would like to know how many users in the registration timeframe above performed an activity from the 1st
  2. Hi folks, I'm a filemaker newbie doing my best to develop a personal rental property management database. I have quite a good understanding how conditional pop-up menu menus work after watching several tutorials online. However I'm unable to figure out the task at hand. I'm looking to the following. In the tenants layout I choose an apartment number (via a pop-up menu through the relationship with the apartments table) that the tenant wishes to rent. Once that apartment is considered "rented" I would like that apartment taken off the conditional pop-up menu. Any help/clues w
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