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  1. hello, I have a field in my database, the field is set as currency. Now we are having a problem when insert the prices: 1. we insert the price with the dot, as the image shows 2. when we click outside the field we get the number in thousands (not as we introduce it), as the image shows. 3. then we go to the field and change the dot for a comma, as the image shows. 4. then we click outside the field and we get the right value, ( filemaker replace the comma for a dot), as the image shows please let me know how to fix this? right now we have to introduce the prices with commas to get the right value. thank you very much
  2. Hello, we are using filemaker server 16 and we just upgrade one user station from fm15 to fm16 and the print button is not working as always, when we open the database at first it prints ok (3 copies) but after some printing it begins to print just one copy. the script is setup to print 3 copies but before the print line it has some validation lines process. I don't know if it is pc hardware? is a pentium 3.2 ghz with 4 gigs ram... is too old for filemaker 16? please let me know thank you
  3. fileman922

    need windows 10 to store filemaker 16 password

    Wim Thanks for your reply, where can i setup this option?
  4. hello, we have filemaker server and one client in our network running filemaker 16 on windows 10... we need that filemaker 16 opens the database and automatically and insert the password ... is that possible ? I don't see the option "remember password" that option is available in all of our Macs but not windows. please let me know thank you
  5. fileman922

    How to properly shutdown my server?

    hello Wim i was checking my UPS console and it has an option to insert a command that shutdown aplications before shutting down the operating system my question is how to write a command that close the databases in Filemaker Server?? i really appreciate your help thank you
  6. fileman922

    How to properly shutdown my server?

    thanks for your reply, i would like to know how to setup the ups to run a system level script? how the script will look like? please let me know thank you
  7. Hello, i have a ups connected to my server so after 5 minutes when power fails, the server begins a shut down. My question is , that programed shutdown will affect my filemaker server databases? Will they get corrupted? Power fails here in my country its frequently. Please let me know Thank you
  8. I have my database in FileMaker Pro and works fine..... the problem is when opened in filemaker go .... filemaker go does not have "enter preview mode" so it can't count the pages is going to print. for example " Page 1 of 5" does anybody has a solution to do this in filemaker go? thank you
  9. We just upgrade to filemaker 16 thinking we will have better performance on our barcode inventory database..... at the time we scan barcodes in a fast way, fm16 leaves some readings incomplete... for example when scanning 10 same items with product number 802312 in a fast way , we got the first 3 records with 802312 and the next 7 records with 2312 ... filemaker 16 miss the first 2 characters... we had to downgrade to fm 15 .... i would like to know what could be the problem? I have a exit trigger script after each reading, the script contains a refresh portal and a commit, it works fine with filemaker 15
  10. fileman922

    Slow container uploading

    Hello we use filemaker server 15 and some macs takes long to upload an image in the container field, it takes about a minute to insert 100kb image.... when using filemaker server 14 it does not happend.... what could be the problem?
  11. fileman922

    i can't print direct from filemaker

    Thank you !! It solves the problem
  12. fileman922

    i can't print direct from filemaker

    Hello Lee Smith thanks for your reply yes i test the script : in the line 10 it ask to choose printer then when i choose it i press print and instead of print it shows me a PDF mac preview.
  13. fileman922

    i can't print direct from filemaker

    Hello , im having problem with filemaker when i try to print an invoice ... i usually press print button and then filemaker ask for printer and then prints, but now when i press "print" filemaker ask for printer and then it shows me the invoice in pdf.. it does not print .. i have to type command P to print that pdf. here i attached my script steps my script use to works fine but now i don't know whats happening.
  14. i have an invoice solution with a summary field that summarize the price of all the line items, now i want to make a layout that shows only the invoices that are more than 500 dollars total. i have been trying but summary field in find mode is not modificable. please let me know any solution thank you Mauricio
  15. fileman922

    take just the last 2 characters

    Thank you ! it works

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