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  1. Hello, we have filemaker server 18 hosted on windows server 2012, the server is connected to an APC ups thats keeps the server running for 40 minutes when power is loss, after power is loss we have to manually close the databases and stop the FM server , then we shutdown the windows server .... i would like to know if there is an automated command that close the databases and stop FM server when power loss is detected?
  2. Steve thanks for your reply I put the Print Setup [Restore ; With Dialog: On] because even I setup the printer and the paper and then choose off the setup changes, so I turn it on to always select the printer and the paper. can you explain me more about a subscript for each type of printing? thanks
  3. Hello, I have a database that use different printers - DYMO FOR SHIPPING LABELS - BROTHER LASER FOR LETTER SIZE - IMPACT PRINTER TO PRINT AN SPECIAL FORM. each printer has a script with PRINT SETUP WITH NO DIALOG, ( I choose the printer and the paper size) and PRINT ( I choose the printer again) the problem is when I print with DYMO printer and then print with the BROTHER printer, the BROTHER prints with the DYMO paper size or vice verse, so I have to setup the PRINT SETUP step with dialog to choose the printer and paper size again, every time I send to a new printer I have to configure the printer and paper size. my question is, there is any script with NO DIALOGS to setup each printer and just press the button and print with no questions? this is the script for the DYMO: this is for the BROTHER: when I press the print button for the brother I got this: please let me know if there is any solution for this thank you
  4. Hi IdealData Thanks for your reply, that did the trick.
  5. Hello Bcooney, thanks for your reply. I did it that way. this is how It looks when I first open the file ( this is my custom menu set as default) now when I move to another layout it changes the set menu to the standard the script to move to layout has only " go to layout and adjust window" im doing something wrong? thanks
  6. Hello, I have a database with a custom menu as default, it works when I open the database but when I change the layout the standard menu appears. can I setup the default menu in all the database layouts? please let me know thanks
  7. Hello, i would like to know if when uploading a database in filemaker server it should be empty? Or can i upload the database with all the created records? Please let me know thanks
  8. Hello, i have to rebuild a corrupted database so i need to start from zero, my question is: can i copy the scripts, fields, etc to the new database? Or i have to write all the scripts?? Please let me know thank you
  9. hello, I have a field in my database, the field is set as currency. Now we are having a problem when insert the prices: 1. we insert the price with the dot, as the image shows 2. when we click outside the field we get the number in thousands (not as we introduce it), as the image shows. 3. then we go to the field and change the dot for a comma, as the image shows. 4. then we click outside the field and we get the right value, ( filemaker replace the comma for a dot), as the image shows please let me know how to fix this? right now we have to introduce the prices with commas to get the right value. thank you very much
  10. Hello, we are using filemaker server 16 and we just upgrade one user station from fm15 to fm16 and the print button is not working as always, when we open the database at first it prints ok (3 copies) but after some printing it begins to print just one copy. the script is setup to print 3 copies but before the print line it has some validation lines process. I don't know if it is pc hardware? is a pentium 3.2 ghz with 4 gigs ram... is too old for filemaker 16? please let me know thank you
  11. Wim Thanks for your reply, where can i setup this option?
  12. hello, we have filemaker server and one client in our network running filemaker 16 on windows 10... we need that filemaker 16 opens the database and automatically and insert the password ... is that possible ? I don't see the option "remember password" that option is available in all of our Macs but not windows. please let me know thank you
  13. hello Wim i was checking my UPS console and it has an option to insert a command that shutdown aplications before shutting down the operating system my question is how to write a command that close the databases in Filemaker Server?? i really appreciate your help thank you
  14. thanks for your reply, i would like to know how to setup the ups to run a system level script? how the script will look like? please let me know thank you
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