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  1. Hi Eos, I asked this question about the filter for the portal...I don't think it's workable in FMGo. What would we do alternatively? if anything? The list of ingredients is about 970 long and bound to grow...but I don't think it's the size, I think it's just the way FMGo handles the filter script by popping up the keyboard, etc. Thanks, M http://fmforums.com/forum/topic/89640-filtering-a-portal-and-behaviour-in-fmgo/
  2. Hi, I have a solution that I have received much needed help from by FMForum members and part of the solution is to filter a portal from a long list (1000 records). the application is to be used on an iPad and the filter doesn't behave very well in FMGo with the keyboard popping up and a dialogue asking me if I want to discontinue the script...I did a search and nothing came up. Is it just intuitively obvious to experts (not me for sure) that you simply don't filter portals for fields that will be used in FMGo? If so, what do you do? I'm filtering a list to select the item for use in another table Thanks for the help! Mary
  3. wow, my jaw just dropped...so I will work with this and incorporate what Fran and Fenton had done earlier... and yes if you do get to Vancouver or Seattle or Portland (a long way from where you are!), you have four reservations waiting for you for dinner at no cost of course. But, I must warn you, this is ultra healthy-gluten free-no processed sugar-no dairy kinda food!!! so I'm sorry to say, no cheesecake...but we may have a recipe for a dairy free cheesecake by then...using goat milk instead...working on that now! I would certainly send you the recipe! Same goes for Fenton and Fran...we will be in Portland very soon...just signing up restaurants now. I thnk you guys are further south though. Thanks Fenton!!!
  4. okay, I've had a bit of a chance to look this over and eos, you resolved the ingredients/suppliers problem very nicely! thanks! now here is my next problem: I have the solution working on the Chef Recipe Ingredient side with the portals, etc. thanks to Fran and Fenton. Now the supplier side is more complicated so, with my rudimentary knowledge, will it be tricky for my to integrate the two? and if not, I imagine that it would be better to add what I have for Chef Recipes Ingredients to the more complicated Recipes Ingredients Suppliers that you just finished? I know it's hard for anyone to advise when you can't see both, but any suggestions? I don't think I"ll be able to combine Recipes Ingredients Suppliers with what I already have for Chef Recipes Ingredients...or it's going to get messy! Thanks! M.
  5. thanks Fenton, thanks Eos...you guys amaze me! okay, I'll study this...
  6. Hello Fenton. I want to thank you so much for your help thus far. I have now got all my needed calculations working as you have indicated above. Working fine! woohoo! Thanks! For the past few days, I've been trying to get the supplier | ingredients relationship to work and have failed and I'm afraid I need your help once again! here's my thinking... One Chef has one or more Recipes One Recipe has one or more Ingredients One Ingredient has one or more Suppliers A recipe can have ingredients from different suppliers and there are different costs from each supplier I couldn't get my first try to work so started from scratch trying to learn from the TOs for Rec__Recipes, since a supplier can have many ingredients just like a recipe can have many ingredients I tried a relationship and new TOs for suppliers and ingredients but couldn't get it to work. Do I just need to build on the relationships in the TO for Rec__Recipes or have a new set of TOs for the many suppliers to many ingredients portion of the database? I’d like to give it a shot but need some direction…if you could please? Thanks!
  7. Thanks! Yes, sorry, we're in Canada and grams is a metric unit of mass as pretty much everything we purchase in bulk is sold in 100 gram quantities. In the states it's by the once or pound. Up here, primary ingredients like meats and fish are mainly sold by the Kilogram...we are also in Seattle, but we are not tracking what's going on with costs in Seattle as the restaurants are a little behind us. okay, I'll have to fiddle a bit...thanks again...I will likely have to come back with questions...I hope I'm not becoming a bother! Mary
  8. Okay, thanks for that. It's great to know that there is support for this application beyond what one can glean from the online and printed materials...which all seem far too simplistic to really make a difference in real world applications. I've changed the naming scheme and have added the join table to SUP__Supplier linked to sup_supplier | Ingredients linked to sup_supplier | ingredients_Ingredients linked to SUP_Supplier 2. Is that correct? I'm trying to follow the same logic as what was created for the Recipes TOs. Another question Fenton...I need to do add fields to ingredients for: max size of dish (e.g., 1000 grams) which I think goes into the Recipe table as it's the the total mass of the recipe per dish as restaurants have limits based on the primary food (e.g., ribs vs salmon) amount of each ingredient (it'll be standardized to grams and will be like 400 grams of Salmon or 100 grams of Quinoa) cost per amount total cost per dish other stuff...which is all easy but some are simple calculations and others are summary fields... my question is this... I think it's obvious that anything related to an ingredient must be stored in the Ingredients table, which is Sup_Ingredients and will appear in other Ingredient TOs At present, the layout I'm using to assign ingredients is the REC__Recipes table, and the portal is showing related records from the rec_Recipes | Ingredients join table...but the way the portal was set up initially, the field IngredientName is coming from the rec_recipes | ingredients_Ingredients table, according to your naming convention, which I have done very carefully (In the initial chart, the TO was rec_recipes | ingredients_Ingredient). I've tried a few things now and can assign the amount of any one ingredient using this scheme, but only the first record in the portal shows the calculation (a volume percent calculation) working, the rest in portal remain blank... Thanks for your help...if you need me to post the file, I shall...or is this easy to follow? If I'm asking for help, I need to make it as easy as possible in the hopes of getting help... Thanks again... Mary
  9. Thanks Fenton and many thanks to Fran for doing the file, which is what I am trying to accomplish. I do have FMPro11 and bought it last year when I was going to try this out, but never got around to it. upgraded it since but thanks for thinking of me! Thanks too to others for your input. I will give your suggestions a go Fenton, as yes, different ingredients will have different suppliers with different costs...I think if I follow the logic Fran has applied, then I should be okay...learning curve is steep though...it still amazes me how one is to learn the nuances and I guess it goes to show how valuable expert consultants are in the development process. It's certainly not something I can just pick up and do...kind of amazing what it takes to make something work properly... I will look more closely at the naming scheme too as this is a good way for me to understand the logic in the relationship graph...I have been playing around to see how things behave, so am slowly getting there. Now I need to figure out how to write a script to create a new Chef/Recipe...it's not as easy as hitting New Record, but this baby step will be a good challenge for me to begin to wrap my brain around how to do things. I will pipe in if I have any further questions and again, I do appreciate all your help! M.
  10. Yes, I hear you. Fran just did what I've been fiddling with for days probably in an hour or so! It does speak volumes to the forum and to the skills of the expert members. It also speaks to the possibilities in fm that go far beyond what documentation describes. I would imagine most of the expert members here are consultants. So, I would feel very safe hiring someone to do more on my database when my little club hits high gear. Right now, it's kinda in 2nd gear...good luck to you Mike!
  11. It seems to me like I have this totally wrong. Can anyone offer some advice? It seems to me that a recipe is simply a summarized view or preview of a bunch of ingredients that I assign a recipe name to, and to which is owned by a chef. Isn't that right? So, if I create a recipe and assign it a name, I can just add ingredients and as long as I assign it to the same recipe name?
  12. Yes, when I first set it up, I had global storage turned on in both. I have changed both fields to 'indexing all' in the middle table, but still can't get it to work.  Trying different things...it seems this is more trial and error than anything at this point.  Â
  13. Thanks for your welcome Tom and thanks for your help...I'm trying to piece this together given your advice so I have changed the structure as in the attached graphic. Sorry, I have questions as that did not get me very far I'm afraid  Once I create the join table between recipes and ingredients, I assume that the Recipes/Ingredients Layout uses records from the join table I just created? I cannot get the recipes that are created in the Recipes table for a particular Chef to appear in the portal in the Recipe/Ingredients layout...so it follows that I also cannot get the ingredients to display for any one recipe too...I must be missing something... Â
  14. Hi Mike! I was looking this over and tried to glean some ideas from the thread but your database is quite complicated. I have a thread a few down about relationships in a recipe database. How did you discover how to get all those portals to work? Trial and error, forum help, or just a quick study? Was there somewhere in particular that you went to learn about relationships other than the FM Support Forum or the FMPro missing manual? I have been to both and didn't help in a direct, quick sense of the word help. Does trial and error help when trying to get these things to work when one doesn't quite follow the way relationships work? thanks if you have any feedback and for sharing your stuff! Mary
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