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  1. Thanks Carson. That has done the trick. You've been a great help for me on this forum! Much appreciated.
  2. When pushing a BillPayment, what's the format for the BankAccountRef field? Most fields are one or two levels, such as "DocNumber" or "VendorRef::Value" but BankAccountReference has three levels. I've tried "CheckPayment::BankAccountRef::Value" and others but none are working. Thanks
  3. Hey folks What's the best way of determining if a bill has had any payments applied to it? I have discovered that you can query the bill and get AmountDue, which I think is the total of the line items. You can also get OpenBalance, which would seem like it's the right field. But, if you have a credit on the account, the open balance is reduced by the credit, even if you haven't actually used the credit to pay the bill. Any thoughts? Thanks
  4. Managed to figure out one way: PatternCount ( PCQB_SGetXML( "Response" ; "" ) ; "<AccountRet>" ) Couldn't figure out how to add the MetaDataOnly attribute to the request and then pull the retCount from that. Said the attribute wasn't valid and I couldn't find any examples. Any tips in this regard would be appreciated. Thanks again.
  5. Hey folks Is it possible, after having executed the request and having the results in a variable, to count how many returned records there were? I'm doing this with the online plugin using GetFirstFieldValue and setting the field name to be "CountResult". Is something similar possible with the desktop plugin? Many thanks
  6. Thanks Junior. I’m in touch with Sean about this issue. I’ve sent him some log files.
  7. I went to update my configuration today. Everything has been running fine, we're just doing some updates. MirrorSync was open and when I tried to get past the screen where it says "make tables etc" I got a java.lang.NullPointerException as per the attached. If I try to submit a bug I get another error as attached. I have rebooted and now as soon as MirrorSync is opened I get the same error. I have tried to reinstall, uninstall etc, all to no avail. Any ideas? I need to try to fix today before the work week for the users starts very early tomorrow. Thanks
  8. Thanks for this. Yeah I didn't set up a new configuration after updating to 4.008113, just used the existing one. I was hoping to avoid having to do this and then redistribute the file to the iPads but perhaps that's the next step.
  9. I'm having this issue. I had version 4.0032 installed and I was getting this error message after changing the database version value and hitting ok to download a new copy of the database. I just installed 4.008113 over the top of the previous version, issued a new download link, used that link to get a new version of the file on the iPad, sync'd, then changed the database version value and I still get this message. Is the updater file just missing from a container field in the MirrorSync table? If so, would it be possible to get this file to put it back in there? Thanks
  10. It's a plugin error but it's not capturing the EmailLastError. The $result = 0 but EmailLastError is empty. I think I've seen this before when it's all bundled into one Set Variable rather than each step broken out. Do I just need to set each step one by one? Hey Ryan - don't worry, I set the attach steps as separate set variable steps and it works ok now. That's fine for my purposes. Thanks for you help.
  11. Thanks Ryan. Turns out the answer is no, it's not happening consistently! I just set up a test record and tried it and it's now working fine. I had the user try it and it worked fine. Let's put that one down to a little gremlin that has gone away. However, they are now reporting that if one of the container fields is empty that they get an error, despite the code above trying to say if the field is not empty then attach the contents else do nothing. Is there a different way of handling this in one script step? All this does happen in one Set Variable step, from EmailConnectSMTP through Cr
  12. Hey We just updated a client to FM16 and got the latest plugin version downloaded. The client sends an email to customers with multiple PDFs attached. These PDFs are held in container fields (local not external), so the code is this: If ( not IsEmpty ( COR_CustomerOrders::PDF_DeliveryOrder ) ; EmailAttachFile( COR_CustomerOrders::PDF_DeliveryOrder ) ; "" ) and If ( not IsEmpty ( COR_CustomerOrders::PDF_PickUpSlip ) ; EmailAttachFile( COR_CustomerOrders::PDF_PickUpSlip ) ; "" ) and If ( not IsEmpty ( COR_CustomerOrders::PDF_AWB ) ; EmailAttachFile( COR_CustomerOrders::PDF_AWB ) ; "
  13. Thanks again Jesse. I found the section in the xml file and added the credentials etc. However, the email system uses port 587 TLS. Can this handle that? I know it's trying to work because the usual sync notice emails have stopped coming in. I've tried putting SMTPS, ESMTPS and STARTTLS in the transport value but none of them seem to be working. I know that the email system is accepting emails from the server because notifications from the FM Admin Console are set to go out using exactly the same details. Any tips or logging that can be turned on to see the issue would be greatly appreciated.
  14. Is this still the current method to switch email dispatch about success/failure of syncs to use a specified SMTP server? Many thanks.
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