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  1. When trying to open the Zulu2 sync admin page, I am presented with this error, and cannot proceed. Does anyone know how to resolve this? An error occurred while handling request /zulu/admin/login GC overhead limit exceeded Referer: http://localhost/zulu/ The machine is running Windows Server 2012R2 with 16GB or RAM.
  2. I am able to send mail using the plugin with my Office 365 smtp credentials. Is there a way to have messages sent this way show up in the users Sent Mail folder when they are using Outlook?
  3. I have a solution where all work is done in off-line mode. The users make changes and sync them up to the server. Other users sync to pull down those changes. It seems to be working nicely on all devices but one. That computer is not showing the changes after the sync. No error messages are displayed. Any ideas on what I could be looking for?

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