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  1. Loretta’s file in comment 27 is totally different from comment 8 file. There are three tables vs. two. There is also a capacity level. It’s ok BruceR we got it.
  2. No Comment provided the correct answer at message 27.. And yes I was speaking in Plain english.. PERFECT! Thanks LeRetta for your patients and help!
  3. BruceR... I am making sense.. If one or more of the contacts = the total sold limit which is 130 than its sold. If less than tickets are available.I'm speaking in palin english.
  4. I want the calculation to be based on the total of tickets sold for all the contacts. meaning if Alpha and Bravo and Charlie if thier total tickets doesn't add up to 130 than it's still tickets available. If one of them or all of them had 130 then it's Sold Out. Did you look at my file to see what I was trying to do?
  5. Thank you LeRetta.. you hit it dead on the nail. I will upload my file. I wanted the Alpha and the Bravo qty to be added. Say Alpha had 100 tickets qty and Bravo had 30 tickets qty = 130 so there for Sold Out. Two contacts who bought a grand total of 130 tickets so now it's sold out.The cSumqty is calculating just the Alpha or just the Bravo. Instead of the qty in both Alpha and Bravo. EventPlannerb.zip
  6. The three tables I have are Contacts, Tickets and Guest. Each Contact can have in the portal under ticket qty 1 or more. Once there are 130 tickets Sold. the EventsStatus field should = SOLD OUT or if less Available Tickets. I'm tracking the amount of tickets sold for each contact. The file that you sent = SOLD OUT only on the first record if it = 130. Take away the event that your talking about and think per contact if you don't want to say record.
  7. Yes your right..It shouldn't require this many post. I know I am speaking in plain terms. All I ask is for the qty across the records to be totaled. Once the total of the qty across for example two records like in the last file that was sent = 130 the it's SOLD OUT. I'm sorry if you're not understanding what I am saying. On each record there is a client that is purchusing 1 or more tickets. When the total of sold tickets reach 130 it's sold out. this is a one to many where 1 client can have many tickets.Like I said again nicely..I appricate your help. I tell you what..how about I upload my fil
  8. In the parent table you have 4 records..Each with different names in the portal and different qty in the portals. I wanted the qty for each record to be totaled, if the total = the 130 than it's sold out if not than it's available tickets. The Sold Out file adds up just the qty in the portal. So if the qty in the portal is totaled it will display Sold Out if not Available ticket. This is all in one record if that make sense. The calculations that we used works on a single record to total. It's just not working to total all records. I guess it's like having a summary field that adds all records
  9. I see..I'm Looking at he Layout::Parent Record (Alpha) whick is record 1 in the portal it shows Adam, Betty and Cecil on 1 record. When I go to record 2 Parent Bravo it shows in the portal David and Eve.. The record is named by the ParentID or Parent name. So how is it that Adam Betty and Cecil are on different records? If you look at the attached thumbnails at the top you can see the layout that I upload. What needs to be added are the Ticket qty on different records. If that make sense. The ticket table and the Events table should work the same. They are both being sold until the count at t
  10. This works when the total count is on 1 record. The way I'm trying to get it to work for example. Lets say Adam is on 1 record Betty is on another record and Cecil is on record 3.. 80 is on Adam 30 is on Betty and 20 is on Cecil.. Then it will total up each record for total of 130 which will = to the cSoldOutLabel and say Sold Out. If that make sense..
  11. Case ( SumTicketSales < 130 ; "AVAILABLE TICKETS" ; "SOLD OUT" ) The problem is that when the operator is turned < it shows sold out only..even when I put under 130 or over 130..so there is still an issue of the numbers not being calculated. Whe the operator is turned > then it shows Available Tickets. Still when the number is about 130 or below 130..
  12. No..I'm using FM Pro 12 Advanced..sorry about that..lol I'm going to test these calculations to see which work better. The problem I'm having is within the portal on the Tickets Qty when I add more than 130 it doesn't change when I add less than 130 it still doesn't change. Hopefully changing to one of these may help. I also refresh the window to see if that would help the problem...No change..Ok is there anything else that can cause these changes not to take place when the Tickets Qty field is modified? When I change the operators > to < text will change from SOLD OUT to AVAILABLE TI
  13. Yes we did..and I still can't get it to work...this should be a simple fix. I need to get me a book on calculations and scripts that's my weekness. Okay..this layout is called Contact Details. This is based on three tables Contacts "Parent Table" and Tickets and Guest which are the child tables. The Ticket Qty field is updated within a portal. I have three records 1 Ticket Qty has 50, secod record has 50 and the third has 30 once this = 130 the field should show SOLD OUT in red text if less than 130 it should show TICKETS AVAILABLE . I will show some screenshots so you can see the layout.
  14. I have three tables (1) Contacts (2)Tickets (3) Guest.. The calculation I have for my EventStatus field is Case(Tickets::Ticket Qty ≤ 130 ; "SOLD OUT" ; "AVAILABLE TICKETS" ) I'm trying to make sure when the tickets are sold out that that merge field turns red and says SOLD OUT. and if it's not sold out than it will show Available tickets. This should be an conditional format calculation within the merge field.The problem I'm having is that the Tickets::Ticket Qty = 130 its not showing sold out, when I place other numbers that are more than 130 or some that are less it pops up. Maybe it has
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