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  1. Hi there. I am trying to setup the invoice part of my patient database, so that I can choose a different billing address/payer than the patient. Sometimes it is an insurance company, the patients company, etc that should be billed. In the Invoice table I have created a "PayerChoice" field as a two options radiobutton: Patient and Company In the Invoice table I have also created a "PayerName" field with an auto-enter calculation: If (Invoice::PayerChoice = "Patient" ; Patient::Name ; Patient::Company ) I have inserted the two fields on a tab (Invoices) in my patient layout. I
  2. Hi comment. Thank you for the clearification. Right now I am pursuing a suggestion I got from PhilModJunk in http://forums.filemaker.com/posts/c6aa5f9f0c?commentId=260572#260572 as it was a little bit easier for me to handle. Unfortunately I still can´t get it to work. You are more than welcome to join in (I can see you also have a profile there). Your input is very much appriciated!
  3. I think I roughly can see where you are going, but it is a little difficult for me to create the steps to get there, but I am trying. I have created a new table "Behandlere" (therapists) and, for a beginning, 4 fields: "BehandlerId" (TherapistId) number field with auto-enter serial "BehandlerFornavn" (TherapistFirstName) text field "BehandlerEfternavn" (TherapistLastName) text field "BehandlerFakturaId" (TherapistInvoiceId) number field (Later on I need this field to create the invoicenumber printed on the invoice...right?!) Now I need to somehow relate "BehandlerId" with the "Fak
  4. Hi comment. Thank you for your post. I just edited my original post as I think my two challenges must be adressed at the same time. Therefore I clearified your questions in the the original post. If it causes some confusions, I apologize
  5. Hi.  I have created a database with clients, treatment records and am now trying to set up an invoice part. The invoice part works fine with invoice numbers  in sequence (10001, 10002... etc) created by a number field with auto-enter serial.  My two  challenges is:  1)I need to set it up so that every user/account (at the time 3 or 4) has it´s own line of invoice numbers. Therapist 1 : 10001, 10002...etc Therapist 2: 30001, 30002...etc Therapist 3: 50001, 50002...etc  Each therapist is self-employed (I don´t know if it is the right word, but I guess you can understand).
  6. Comment: I don´t get your point?! As you can see in my first post (see below) I am well aware of how SSN is written, but my problem was to do the calculation. "I have a "Cpr nr" text field where the data is entered as: ddmmyy-xxxx (120475-xxxx meaning the person is born April 12th 1975)"
  7. Thank you comment! That did the trick. I definitely wouldn´t have gotten this far in three weeks without all the help I get here!
  8. Hi Win and eos. Thank you for trying to help here. I have already seen http://www.briandunning.com/cf/518 as it was almost what I was looking for. It was unfortunately still a little too complicated for me to figure out how to adapt it to my needs, as I am still a very newbie being on my third week with Filemaker. Wim: I don´t know how to write the calculation, but I will do some more trying to put things together the right way. Any further help is appriciated.
  9. Hi. I am trying to create a calculation field that calculates a persons age from a line of digits (danish social security number). I have a "Cpr nr" text field where the data is entered as: ddmmyy-xxxx (120475-xxxx meaning the person is born April 12th 1975) I have created a calculation field, called "Age" where I am trying to show the persons age. I have looked through several solutions but can´t get it right. I know there is at least a problem with the year since it is only typed with the last to digits in "Cpr nr" Here is my calculation: Truncate (( Get ( CurrentDate )
  10. Thank you for replying eos. It so helpful for me as a beginner to have this forum to turn to. Thank you once again!
  11. Perfect eos! That brought me much further. I had just copied the search field from the starter solution. I was also creating problems for myself with this line: Perform Script [ “Sorter Patientoversigt | IOS” ] as it had a goto layout in it. I am still learning but every day I get a little more knowledge thanks to you guys. Now I can search for any record and it will show up. Thank you. Now I just need to figure out how to set up the search field/button so I can just click "next" on the iPad it in filemaker Go after I have typed in the search word instead of the maginfying glass next to the
  12. Hi BruceR. Thank you for trying to help me out. Unfortunately I still can´t get it to work. I have corrected the line you suggested. When I click on the text field I have created (where I want to type in the firstname or lastname) it just run the script and return all of my records. I am not able to type in any names. I have created the database from scratch pulling inspiration from some of the starter solutions and reading in Filemaker 12 in depth and The Missing Manual. In my Newbie mind I still think it could have something to do with this line: Set Variable [ $$FIND_SIMILAR ; Va
  13. Hi there. Very Newbie but trying to learn. I am trying to create a "QuickFind" script (by a search field) in my layout for an iPad version (just like the QuickFind | IOS in the starter solution contacts) but I can´t get it to work. I have a patient list showing on the layout "Patientoverview" that I would like to be able to perform a search in for a given name (first or lastname) in the iPad layout (without using the toolbar). The list will contain hundreds of patients and I would like to be able to find a specific patient quickly. The patient list is a list of calculation fie
  14. I am new to Filemaker and have set up a simple database with two tables: "Patient" and "Journal" They are created in a one to many relationsship with the field "PatientId" in the patient table and "PatientIdFk" in the journal table. Â What I would like to create is a script so I can run that script via a button on a layout called "patient" and create a new journal record (and by the same time go to the layout I have called "journal") Each patient can have more journals. Â I know I can do that through a portal, but it is unfortunately not the best way for me, and I would like to do that
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