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  1. Hi there. I am trying to setup the invoice part of my patient database, so that I can choose a different billing address/payer than the patient. Sometimes it is an insurance company, the patients company, etc that should be billed. In the Invoice table I have created a "PayerChoice" field as a two options radiobutton: Patient and Company In the Invoice table I have also created a "PayerName" field with an auto-enter calculation: If (Invoice::PayerChoice = "Patient" ; Patient::Name ; Patient::Company ) I have inserted the two fields on a tab (Invoices) in my patient layout. I also have a button in my Invoice tab named "create new invoice". Normally when I click on that button it runs a script that opens another layout called "Invoice" and creates an new invoice record with the related patient. Normally It gets the name of the payer (up until now=the patient) by a lookup from Patient::Name. Problem 1: I am not allowed to click on any of the radiobuttons if it is a new patient who does not have any former invoices. When the patient has older invoices I can choose between the two radiobuttons and "PayerName" changes according to my choice. Problem 2: Now when I try to get the name of the payer from a lookup from Invoice::PayerName field it doesn´t change on the Invoice layout when I choose the other button. An example: Patient X gets 2 treatments and his company is billed and pays. Then patient X comes back a third time and gets a treatment and this time his is going to be billed and pay by himself. If I then change the payer by clicking the radiobutton "Patient" on the Invoice tab, it doesn´t change the name on the invoice to the patients name even though it changes "PayerName" on the invoice tab. What am I doing wrong here?? I have been trying to solve this the whole day, but I can´t get it to work. It is probably quite simple, but I am only on my second month with FileMaker so any help would be greatly appriciated! .
  2. Hi comment. Thank you for the clearification. Right now I am pursuing a suggestion I got from PhilModJunk in http://forums.filemaker.com/posts/c6aa5f9f0c?commentId=260572#260572 as it was a little bit easier for me to handle. Unfortunately I still can´t get it to work. You are more than welcome to join in (I can see you also have a profile there). Your input is very much appriciated!
  3. I think I roughly can see where you are going, but it is a little difficult for me to create the steps to get there, but I am trying. I have created a new table "Behandlere" (therapists) and, for a beginning, 4 fields: "BehandlerId" (TherapistId) number field with auto-enter serial "BehandlerFornavn" (TherapistFirstName) text field "BehandlerEfternavn" (TherapistLastName) text field "BehandlerFakturaId" (TherapistInvoiceId) number field (Later on I need this field to create the invoicenumber printed on the invoice...right?!) Now I need to somehow relate "BehandlerId" with the "Faktura" (Invoice) table (I guess by creating a relationsship between "BehandlerId" and a foreign key "BehandlerIdFk" in "Faktura" table?! and how do I automaticly identify the logged in user/account with the right therapist? Is it somehow right until now?
  4. Hi comment. Thank you for your post. I just edited my original post as I think my two challenges must be adressed at the same time. Therefore I clearified your questions in the the original post. If it causes some confusions, I apologize
  5. Hi.  I have created a database with clients, treatment records and am now trying to set up an invoice part. The invoice part works fine with invoice numbers  in sequence (10001, 10002... etc) created by a number field with auto-enter serial.  My two  challenges is:  1)I need to set it up so that every user/account (at the time 3 or 4) has it´s own line of invoice numbers. Therapist 1 : 10001, 10002...etc Therapist 2: 30001, 30002...etc Therapist 3: 50001, 50002...etc  Each therapist is self-employed (I don´t know if it is the right word, but I guess you can understand). Therefore, due to tax reasons, they need their own separate sequence of invoice numbers. For the same reason each sequence must be consecutive.  2) To eliminate problems with invoice number sequences, for instance if a therapist by mistake click on the button "create new invoice" I need the invoice number to be assigned when the invoice is printed and not when "create new invoice" is clicked. I can´t just use "on commit" instead of "on creation" with the auto-enter serial, because, as it is right now, I create the invoice lines in a portal, and I guess it causes problems with the relation to the "patientId" field.  Both problems would not arise if there were only one therapist and the therapist did not accidently click on "create new invoice", but unfortunately the databse is not being used in a perfect world  The database is created so that the user has to log in using their own initials, for instance TK.  I have 4 tables (related to this part): "Patient", "Faktura" (invoice), "FakturaLinier" (invoicelines), "Produkter" (products). They are related as you can see in the attached picture.  I guess I can create the 3 or 4 invoice numbers sequences with a calculation, but unfortunately I am not skilled enough yet to figure out how it should be done.  Help with some details will be very much appreciated as I am quite new to FileMaker.  Thanks!
  6. Comment: I don´t get your point?! As you can see in my first post (see below) I am well aware of how SSN is written, but my problem was to do the calculation. "I have a "Cpr nr" text field where the data is entered as: ddmmyy-xxxx (120475-xxxx meaning the person is born April 12th 1975)"
  7. Thank you comment! That did the trick. I definitely wouldn´t have gotten this far in three weeks without all the help I get here!
  8. Hi Win and eos. Thank you for trying to help here. I have already seen http://www.briandunning.com/cf/518 as it was almost what I was looking for. It was unfortunately still a little too complicated for me to figure out how to adapt it to my needs, as I am still a very newbie being on my third week with Filemaker. Wim: I don´t know how to write the calculation, but I will do some more trying to put things together the right way. Any further help is appriciated.
  9. Hi. I am trying to create a calculation field that calculates a persons age from a line of digits (danish social security number). I have a "Cpr nr" text field where the data is entered as: ddmmyy-xxxx (120475-xxxx meaning the person is born April 12th 1975) I have created a calculation field, called "Age" where I am trying to show the persons age. I have looked through several solutions but can´t get it right. I know there is at least a problem with the year since it is only typed with the last to digits in "Cpr nr" Here is my calculation: Truncate (( Get ( CurrentDate ) - GetAsDate (Left( Cpr nr; 3 ; 2 ) & "/" & Left( Cpr nr ; 2 ) & "/" & Left( Cpr nr ; 5 ; 2 )) ) / 365.25,0) = Age Any help is appriciated, thanks.
  10. Thank you for telling me Lee. I have just done that.
  11. Thank you for replying eos. It so helpful for me as a beginner to have this forum to turn to. Thank you once again!
  12. Perfect eos! That brought me much further. I had just copied the search field from the starter solution. I was also creating problems for myself with this line: Perform Script [ “Sorter Patientoversigt | IOS” ] as it had a goto layout in it. I am still learning but every day I get a little more knowledge thanks to you guys. Now I can search for any record and it will show up. Thank you. Now I just need to figure out how to set up the search field/button so I can just click "next" on the iPad it in filemaker Go after I have typed in the search word instead of the maginfying glass next to the word.
  13. Hi BruceR. Thank you for trying to help me out. Unfortunately I still can´t get it to work. I have corrected the line you suggested. When I click on the text field I have created (where I want to type in the firstname or lastname) it just run the script and return all of my records. I am not able to type in any names. I have created the database from scratch pulling inspiration from some of the starter solutions and reading in Filemaker 12 in depth and The Missing Manual. In my Newbie mind I still think it could have something to do with this line: Set Variable [ $$FIND_SIMILAR ; Value:"" ] since it is copied and adapted from starter solutions contacts. What does the $$FIND_SIMILAR refer to or mean? Thank you once again. I really appriciate it.
  14. Hi there. Very Newbie but trying to learn. I am trying to create a "QuickFind" script (by a search field) in my layout for an iPad version (just like the QuickFind | IOS in the starter solution contacts) but I can´t get it to work. I have a patient list showing on the layout "Patientoverview" that I would like to be able to perform a search in for a given name (first or lastname) in the iPad layout (without using the toolbar). The list will contain hundreds of patients and I would like to be able to find a specific patient quickly. The patient list is a list of calculation fields "FullName" created by two fields ; "Firstname" and "Lastname" in the same table "Patient". I have tried to adapt several solutions from the starter solutions, but I just can´t get it to work: Set Error Capture [ On ] Set Variable [ $$FIND_SIMILAR ; Value:"" ] Freeze Window Perform Quick Find [ /*Patient::QuickFind | iOS*/ ] If [ Get ( LastError ) = 0 ] Else If [ Get ( LastError ) = 400 ] Show All Records Go to Record/Request/Page [ First ] Else If [ Get ( LastError ) = 401 ] Go to Record/Request/Page [ First ] Omit Multiple Records [ Get ( FoundCount ) ] [ No dialog ] End If Perform Script [ “Sorter Patientoversigt | IOS” ] Go to Field [ ] Halt Script I think it might have something to do with the second line (in red) and I am struggling to find out how to define it (I don´t have a "sort selection" field in my layout) Any help would be greatly appriciated. Thanks
  15. I am new to Filemaker and have set up a simple database with two tables: "Patient" and "Journal" They are created in a one to many relationsship with the field "PatientId" in the patient table and "PatientIdFk" in the journal table.  What I would like to create is a script so I can run that script via a button on a layout called "patient" and create a new journal record (and by the same time go to the layout I have called "journal") Each patient can have more journals.  I know I can do that through a portal, but it is unfortunately not the best way for me, and I would like to do that via a click on a button outside the portal.  Hope it all make sense.  I have tried to create a script (See attachment) but I can´t seem to get it to work. It DOES create the new record and gives it a unique "JournalId" but it does not link it to the patient.  Any help is appriciated. Thanks...
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