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  1. Hi All, Been looking at the blog from clickworks and think it is a great way to generate a PDF. The only thing is my attempt was to do the following: CLIENT: Click button -> Creates a record in a blank table (triggers client robot waiting) then return to original layout ROBOT -> Complete action as script has been triggered with the record on load and then will tidy up and delete all records and wait again until another record is created Sounds simple but there are times when he script is triggered and it shouldn't be. It isn't a flawless effort. I know its a rough plan but could an
  2. Hey, Thanks. I tried using that too in my script but nope... Doesn't want to find those records. I manually type it is still i.e. "1/1/15...31/1/15" and finds the two records. I just cannot work out what is going on? I have done this tons of times....
  3. Hi Guys, Now if I manually search the date field I can get some record results ie. */1/2015 (in Australia so 1 is January) Now I created a script and the calculation puts "*/1/2015" into the date field YET when it gets to "Perform Find [ ]" it returns no records. Why is there a difference between manually typing it in and searching via a script do you think? Cheers
  4. Hi all, Running FMS on a Windows VPS it seems it wants more and more Ram. There is only 10 clients max at any one time connected via FM Pro. Usually not that much. I have noticed if it reaches the limit for the RAM then FMS turns off web publishing automatically. Just wondering what other people may be using or could advise me on maybe why it is so ram hungry. The VPS is 8 CPUs, 10 GB ECC Ram, 35 SSD. Thanks
  5. Thank you. The other day I missed a ',' or something similar and the page wouldn't load. It took me 30 minutes later to work out my stupidity. Thanks for looking it over. Sometimes it needs someone to have fresh eyes looking at it.
  6. I am trying to get results based from a range. I have Date_Start and Date_End which are exploded so they meet the filemaker formatting. Then I take a variable of $dateRange and get it to use those two fields mentioned above. I just get an error however of "errorCode=508&errorMsg=Invalid+value+entered+in+Find+mode" Can you see anything out of the ordinary? Thanks for your help and I appreciate your contributions on the forum. Your helping me out anyway. <?php require_once('Connections/User.php'); ?> <?php //Setup date to be in US format from AU fo
  7. Any hour past 10 hours or there part of i.e 1 minute and 30 seconds of duty over 10 hours would be 11 hours. I think any reasonable employee would just call it 10 hours of work rather than creating an inquiry of questions and time spent on why they logged an extra second.
  8. Hi folks, I am using: <input id="date" class="form-control" type="text" name="Date" data-data-format="dd/mm/yyyy" value="<?php echo date ("d/m/Y", strtotime ($found_flight_row->getField('Date') )); ?>" /> which allows me to have a date picker and also display dd/mm/yyyy via the 'strtotime'. What I am trying to do is have an edit query so I can edit the date and submit that. On my edit_response page I have the following for the date: //Setup date to be in US format from AU format $date_input = $_REQUEST['Date_Start']; $date_array = explode ("/", $date_input
  9. As crazy as that sounds no, it is actually for a duty roster tracking purpose. If the staff member goes over 10 hours of work (plus any part of an hour) they need to have x amount of time off.
  10. I have a time field which I need to work out firstly is it over 10 hours and if it is I need it rounded to the nearest hour. A simple IF statement helped me with the first part. The second part however I am not sure about. ie. 10:59:22 ~ 11:00:00 10:01:30 ~ 11:00:00
  11. Thank you so much. Worked perfectly. Definitely still learning how all this works :S
  12. I hate to be a pain but where am I pasting that code? I assumed in the header of the search results page but I just get a blank white screen.
  13. I have a user layout in filemaker which has a filtered portal on it displaying a total from another table. How do I get this filtered field to the website? I have tried several things however it keeps showing me the total for that field rather than the filtered total. ie. it is showing me the total amount of money received rather than how much that user has paid. Trying to use it for a dashboard.
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