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  1. Ok... this how it works... you try to find a solution for 5 long hours... Finally decide to post tot fmforums... And than within 20 min. you fix your own problem... crazy!! It's way easier than I thought.... Let ( [ STRING = GetValue ( $$D ; $$Tel ); COLUMN = Middle ( STRING ; 1 ;Position ( STRING ; "|" ; 1 ; 1 )-1) ; WLENGTE = Position ( STRING ; "|" ; 1 ; 2 )- Position ( STRING ; "|" ; 1 ; 1 ) - 1; WAARDE = GetField (Middle ( STRING ; Position ( STRING ; "|" ; 1 ; 1 )+1 ; WLENGTE)); FORMAT = Middle ( STRING ; Position ( STRING ; "|" ; 1 ; 2 )+1 ; 10) ] ; MBS( "XL.Sheet.CellWr
  2. Friends, I have had it for today... can't seem to get it right... I'm writing an Excel sheet using the MBS plugin. The plugin let's me set FORMATS so I can underline or center cells etc. For every FORMAT I declare a variabel i.e. that gets a value from the plugin $$Format1 = 89 $$Format2 = 90 I pull data from FMPro and 'filling' up an Excel Template with field values. Some of these field's need formatting. Since all data is dynamic, my script needs to handle this accordingly. I 'build' the excel sheet row-by-row, therefore pulling data from FMPro, row-by-row. A VARIABLE
  3. Tim and others, I had checked all relationships, references, field names, TO's and ES_ prefixes, cleaned everything, check for old payloads and add new records... and was still left with 'funny behavior'. One of them was that my largest table (70 fields) was not synced but generated not error's as well. I decided to rebuild, but since I would like to know what's was wrong I first did a 'break down' of existing tables. And some curious things happened. These are my findings up to now: 1. Corrupt fields break the sync? Because I thought off field corruption I had FMPro rebuild the DB &
  4. Tim, I checked a million times... everything is equal. iPad does take records from Server but nog updates back. I cleaned all up.. made new records... nothing... it's quite cumbersome as soon as EasySync decides to not play ball ;-) Any ideas?
  5. Hi Tim and others, Does anybody have experience with a situations where EasySync is going crazy because of some Table occurrences changes AND RESETS? I'm mean, while testing I added some table occurrences, try to hook up more tables to sync. I broke the EasySync function. I tried to get back to the old situation but things got worse by the minute. A lot of 201 and 106 error for apparently no reason. I have seen Filemaker doing that before with ExcecuteSQL. I than had to replace occurences to have this fixed... but today seems a bad day and noting helps :-(... Yes I did do a Wipe an
  6. Hi Tim, I have been looking at EasySync from day one and I'm happy ;-) I think it's a great job. I had implemented my own similar sync but yours I way more charming. What I need though and wonder how to this could be done best is the following: - In have a server file from which 'Collectors' with their iPad pull about 700 personal (name=collector) records weekly; - Records that are ready to pull have a status "iPad" which sets your 'exclude' to 0, others 1; - During the days of the week, Collectors update the records while on the road (locally - no wifi); - At the end of the day Collectors s
  7. Wow Wim and Comment, I tried to follow this discussion but I only understood the last part .... there seems to be no solution?? So do I understand correctly: 1. When we do an FMPro export the regular way (menu or script) we can add a XSL to format the FMgrammer output; 2. But based on a http query to a server we are not able to create (scripted or not) output that's able to be formatted through xsl? 3. And there is no way I can present the content of 1 field as a result of a http request, just as is.. with no grammer around it? I do understand that i could hand my customer th
  8. Dear friends, Every time I'm so surprised how little data and examples there are online on filemaker server side xml requests / query's. Specially in combination with XSL. My case: 1. Customers come and ask me... please send results as xml and it should look like "this". 2. The results should be a result of a query they do on my server (so I supply a sort of webservice) 3. I can get them to send parameters, even do some pre scripts, get the results, but their browser wil show them the ugly FILEMAKER GRAMMER Result set. I need to be able to change the way the results look in a s
  9. Hi Tim, I taking it for run.. looks great and promising. Feedback will follow ;-) Jeroen
  10. Brilliant Comment! Tested it, works like a charm.. Thanks! Jeroen
  11. Hi Comment, Please find enclosed zip... Thanks jeroen XML_problem.zip
  12. Chadski, Use a script trigger (OnObjectEnter) the number field with a script that shows a Custom Dialog with a password field. If pasword correct than enter field else exit field. Your can work along with more options on this (ie depending on user). Good luck Jeroen
  13. Try: $PATH = "filemac:/Machintosh HD/User/ryankivi/" & OrderNumber & "/file.pdf" Than on filepath location use: $PATH Good luck! Jeroen
  14. Hi Ron, Do know that you can get rit of that 'ugly user experience' on windows..... Put this in your start up script: IF (ABS(Get(SystemPlatform)) ≠ 1 Resize window to GET(Windowdesktopheight) - 4 and GET(Windowdesktopwidth) - 4 (I have a dutch fmPro version so excuse the crooked language) Good luck! jeroen
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