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  1. Looking for a FPAdvanced 13 installer. FileMaker support can not get me an Advanced installer, only the trial. Can anyone help me out?
  2. I feel I need to jump in here.. If you are limited for funds, I understand. However, there are many reasons for using a FIlemaker hosting service... among them are: access from anywhere (and if configured correctly from any browser); data security such as backups; scalability; and many more. The cost can be very low. Compare several services as they vary by how many databases you can host, how many concurrent users can access the databases, how much storage you have available to you. For instance, with Triple8 you can have 2 databases and 4 concurrent users using Filemaker and 4 users using IWP, and you have 2 GB of space. Cost is $19.95 which is very reasonable. Other hosting services have packages with twists on these offerings and a variety of prices. Given the ability to have fast, always available access, secure backups, et cetera, I feel hosting is a very attractive option. I am a developer and do not have any dog in the hosting fight.
  3. the scenario: Several Drivers go out and photograph properties. At end of day drivers upload photos to Dropbox in folders named to the property ID (ie. 1234567). Drivers uses various photo methods... cameras, phones of iPhone, Android, etc. Management takes photo folders from Dropbox, processes the folders manually with a compression program, puts them in a folder of known path. (ie. Desktop/Photos/) Script is run to import folder of images in FM 12. Script then passes the photos to SC and deletes the photos from FM, keeping the thumbnails for use in portals in iOS where SC Companion can not aid in showing images in container fields. Images also viewed in CWP (hence the use of SC not just native FM12) the Desire: Automate the process so drivers can upload photos with property IDs and human interaction is not required to resize and/or compress. Any great ideas?
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