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  1. well, maybe I've overstated my understanding of programming. I'll take a look, but both examples seem a little too complicated... If you could elaborate a little more. As for the moment, I should explain I don't have a filemaker server.
  2. Hi guys, problem here. I'm working with a web viewer and I'm familiar with triggering a script from within the web viewer using the fmp:// protocol. But, what I need is kind of the opposite. I have a 2000 records list that I need to display in my webviewer. As one may find, that is lots of html data, what makes my solution very slow. What I want is a webviewer that displays the first records and, when I scroll down (my first option) or I click a button (second option, but also ok) it displays more records. I'm aware that I could do that using the url protocol, calling a script, rewrit
  3. Thanks for the help, Fitch. I'll surely take a look at the link of sixfriedrice. But, as occurred to me, I am not happy with my pdf. Maybe I'm trying a step too big, but I'm thinking on going deep in html. I want to give the users the best experience ever (their happiness, their money). Could you point me to some direction on that? I was thinking on collapsing parts of the text, linking one part to another, etc.
  4. Fellow developers, a question I must ask (I'm sorry if this seem so unusual; my filemaker development is not the most common) I have a database of paragraphs. The idea being, each paragraph is a record, in a Table named Reference. The whole idea of this database, which has more tables but could work with just one, is to make a manual, a handbook for the company I work for. Let me give a example: we have a specific instruction on how to deal with taxes at importation. We create a record named: taxes at importation, and we related this record to another record in our self-related table (taxe
  5. Why don't you create a layout based on a table with no fields, that, on layout enter, delete all records from the table without dialog confirmation?
  6. I'm sorry, I think I didn't notice the need of a follow-up. I can do in a way as to avoid tie/gaps (maybe with script). I'll take a look at the attachment soon (headache now). Thanks for all the help so far.
  7. You are awesome!!! I had like a 40 steps script for doing that, and you did it with one calc and one t.o. By the way, I had already related it by ID before. Made the mistake before, but when I came to ask it was alright. If it's not too much to ask, I'd like to know if an upgrade would be possible (seriously, I already think it's awesome). Would it be possible to not repeat a number. Ex: I have two records ranked as 1 with the same parent, they would have the same cParaNum. Could it be that the calculation understood that one would be treated as 1,01 and the other as 1,02? than
  8. Ideally, if both ways were easy to describe, I'd like to know both. But, for now, I want to ignore the found sets.
  9. Hello, I have a problem of speed on a database that I'd really like some help with. I have a table of topics. Each topic is related to another topic in a parent-son relationship. Example: Topic: Father: filemaker pro 1 (my code for father-of-all) complex calculation filemaker pro custom functions filemaker pro balsamiq mockups 1 features balsamiq mockups price balsamiq mockups what I need to do is to make them ordered in a way such as: 1. Fil
  10. As I've been marveled at the little size of my knowledge and at the willingness to help available in this forum, I'd like to make a simple question that, although not totally fmp, is going to help on it. I have a database of read articles. My articles are stored completely, and I highlight portions of them. "Comment", from this forum, helped my way out on implementing background color in it, using a GetAsCss (full link: http://fmforums.com/forum/topic/90644-workflow-fromtext-color-to-highlighted-background-incl-print/), and it was amazing, but I want one more thing yet. I'd like to kno
  11. It's really quite simple to implement. I cannot state how much I thank you for all the help!! That will do it!! Thanks!!!
  12. yes, it sure was redundant. It's just that I didn't know a better way to do. I'll definitely take a look at GetAsCSS and GetAsSVG. Thanks a thousand times!!
  13. Dear comment, I appreciate all the help, but I still have one question more: what is this in this file? Why isn't that exactly what I'm looking for!!?? Amazing, but, serious, I need a little info about what this is! Totally Amazing!! - Be right back with a lot of questions. By the way, about embedding code, I already thought about doing it error prone (although not that easy). Once I selected some text, I changed it's color and added the keys before and after, all with script. It worked fine.
  14. Well, I'm not a super-user, but I think I understand what you mean. But, if I'm going outside of Filemaker and, as I said, I'm the developer and only user, wouldn't it be a lot easier if I just scripted my way out? I mean, if I made custom tags in filemaker (like [[lb]] and [[/lb]]), and then I just made a conversion tool, to change the [[lb]] to whatever it needs to be in XML/HTML etc? Also, I know almost nothing of XML, and just a little about HTML. Do you think XML would be easier for the re-tagging and printing? I think I could do all the script in fmp (create one table with one gl
  15. I'm sorry, I'll try to make myself clear. But I didn't understand what you mean by "the highlight is" 1) "part of the article's description" or 2) "tracked by solution." Just trying to explain myself better with a example: I'll read an article about FileMaker, the article from wikipedia about it (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FileMaker). At first, I'd put it in my articles-to-read list (create a record in my Article's Table, which has the fields ArticleID_pk, FullText, Author, Date, etc). When I find the time to read, I'd highlight the important words of the article. Using the first
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