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  1. it simply didn´t work on some dynamic URLs, resulting error 10. In case, the URL is a response from PHP engine. On static page, it works normally.
  2. Attention: Before posting in the general discussion forum please review the other forums that would best suit your topic. If you cannot find one then you may delete this text and post your topic in this forum. I´m trying to get html data from URL wich uses httppost request, and the function didn´t work, returning error 10. Someone knows what´s wrong? Maybe some security issue?
  3. thank you. reinstalled, it´s ok with PHP Version 5.5.36
  4. After php 7.0.1 installation (successfull) i can´t edit filemaker server´s deployment anymore. on test step, there´s a message: "The FileMaker installation process was unable to communicate with the web server.". Someone knows how can i fix this?
  5. Wim Decorte, thank you for your answer, I forgot this detail.
  6. I can't enable additional database folders. My system is: MacOsX 10.9.2, Filemaker Server   The message is: "Not a valid path: filemac:/MacOSX/Users/Nunes/Databases/" I tried to use various paths, but the message is the same  Someone knows what's wrong? Thanks
  7. i'm sorry because language difficulties... i have some trends that i rent. one week to one client, other week to another... so, i have a date field used as a key to a relationship with another table, that have two fields called initial_date and final_date, containing a field with the client code. what i intend to do is let the final_date blank until the trend is with the client. to do this i have to use Get(CurrentDate) function when that field is empty and, as Lee Smith said, disable the storage of the calculated result of the field. but, when i do this, the table relationship doesn't work. t
  8. Hi, there When I disable the storage of the calculated result of the field, like Lee Smith said, i can’t get the data of that field in other table when i use it as a relationship key. How can i do this? Thanks
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