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  1. filemakerdeveloper40

    Slide Control - List View Behavior

    That is EXACTLY what I'm looking for.. Thanks mattowlby!
  2. I'm trying implement a feature on a list view using FileMaker Go that works similar to the iOS Mail app. When you swipe to the left, a Delete button shows. It's nothing super fancy, but what I've noticed is that when I swipe, the control slides for all records rather than just the one I want to see the delete button for. Is this normal behavior? A bug? Is there a way to force the slide control to only slide for the active record?
  3. filemakerdeveloper40

    Data Parsing Issue

    I actually thought of that, but then wondered about whether or not the order can change which is why I was wanting to look for the 3-character designator rather than depending on the order as your expression suggests. I don't know if the order can change, but if it can, then your Let statement won't populate the correct values.
  4. filemakerdeveloper40

    Data Parsing Issue

    I have a return separated list of values (from a drivers license) where each line has a 3-character designator such as: DACFrank DCSSample DAGSample Street DAK90210 What I need to be able to do is to identify the line I want using the designator and grabbing the values to the right of it. In other words, using the list above, I only want the street (DAG) returned. What's the best way to do this?
  5. filemakerdeveloper40

    IWP refresh issue

    OK.. I figured it out. It had to do with a portal filter.
  6. filemakerdeveloper40

    IWP refresh issue

    I have a layout that is rendered via IWP in FileMaker 12. On this layout I have a portal that displays related records (attachments). The process to add an attachment includes going to a new layout (which contains the SuperContainer web viewer) and creating a new record, adding the file, and then clicking a button which takes you back to the parent record. For some reason, when I navigate back to the parent record/layout, the portal doesn't show the record I just added. If I navigate to another layout and then back again, it shows fine. I also confirmed that it works as expected if I do the same process in FMP. I've modified the nav scripting to include multiple refresh window steps.. I've performed a find for the parent record in question, and I've even tried to go to the previous record and then to the next record to see if that helps, but it does not. Any ideas on other ways to refresh the window or what else I can check?
  7. filemakerdeveloper40

    searching for a value from a list of values

    Brilliant.. I love it when I learn that I've been looking for a far more complex answer than is really needed. Your example solved it. Thanks so much!
  8. I am trying to write a recursive custom function which looks for any match between two lists and simply returns a 1 if there is a match or a 0 if no match exists. A list may contain 1 or more values. Here's what I have so far: Function: DivisionAccess ( rec_division ; my_division ) Let ([ thelist = my_division ; value = ValueCount ( thelist ) ; access = If ( rec_division = GetValue ( thelist ; value ) ; 1 ; DivisionAccess ( rec_division ; my_division - 1 ) ) /*access = Case ( rec_division = GetValue ( thelist ; value ) ; 1 ; DivisionAccess ( rec_division ; my_division - 1 ) ; 0 )*/ ]; If ( access = 1 ; 1 ; 0 ) ) I left everything in place so you can see what I'm trying to do. When I visit a record that I have access to, I do see that a 1 is returned. But when I visit a record that I do not have access to, I get a ?. I tried explicitly specifying an exit condition in the case statement (not shown), but that didn't work either. I'd love any feedback.
  9. filemakerdeveloper40

    Restricted data sets

    I didn't see a forum for security, which struck me as odd, but thought this might be the next best forum.. I have users logging into a solution where, once logged in, they have access only to specific records. More specifically, the can view records that belong to the same division as they user. I have the security working fine, but what I don't like is that users, upon logging in, will see a list of records which contain both records they can see and records marked with <No Access>. What's the best way to filter out the records they don't have access to? Since they don't need to know that those records even exist, I'd just like to filter them out but I'm not sure of the best way to do that. Any ideas would be welcome.
  10. filemakerdeveloper40

    Grouping & Display of value list items

    I'm trying to get a value list formatted like the following: CALL Initial Inquiry Leadership Call EMAIL Initial Introduction Rep Check-in MEETING Client Sales Meeting Weekly Meeting NOTE Company Background I have attached an example file showing what I've done so far and where I was heading. The issue with my approach (thinking I could use a sorted relationship) is that a value list has a sort associated with it. I've left my example as is though so you can see what I was after. Here's a little more explanation: The header rows are hard coded and won't be changed by users. I added those records to the table and then used a portal filter to hide them from users. Users are able to add new custom labels which will be associated with one of the four available tabs. Looking for any ideas. Thanks! SortedValueListWithHeader.fmp12.zip

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