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  1. In my database, I have a table named CLIENTS. One of the fields is named 'Active' and has a numeric value of 0 for inactive, or 1 if the client is active (boolean format) On most of my layouts, I must use my CLIENTS table only showing the records that are active. So it is a filtered list that I must use almost everywhere. How can I generate a found set of active clients AND be able to invoke it anywhere in the application, knowing that many of my layouts are NOT based on the CLIENTS table? I tried self join with a new TO - making a filtered list also using
  2. To EOS: I adapted your script and it works fine. However, I cannot click anywhere on the layout until the window it generates is closed. How could the user navigate at will on the page and then close that Windows when is ready to?
  3. I have a set of 7 buttons - one for each day with an attached script. If I click a button, I want its background to change color. This works, but only when pressing it. It then goes back imediatly to previous appearance. I want it to keep the new background color to help remember the user what he choose. When he clicks any of the 6 other buttons, that button will then be the one with the new background color. Do you need a script to do that?
  4. Thank you for helping. I will take time to search for an alternative and post again with a clone of the file if needed.
  5. Other than providing the file itself, I could probably not explain the problem clearly. So far to solve the problem, I import the found set into another table with the exact same fields structure as the original table. Then I use that table through the solution as it represents my found set whenever I need it. The only major drawback is I cannot write data to this table, as it is only temporary. Not the best way to do it, but gets the job done until I know better !
  6. As for a layout based on a another table: I mean whatever I do, I might be on another layout where a choice as to be made on one specific field from my first table. To choose there, I will want to show a list of possibilities already filtered. (that's my found set I still need to use) To Laretta: what does Scripting to a single interface file mean exactly?
  7. Thank you for the information. I will take a good look at that.
  8. A basic question from a newbie: Whenever I perform a query that returns a found set, I can use that found set into any layout based on the same table that the found set is based upon. But if I try to use that found set on a layout based on another table, Filemaker drops the found set and reverts to showing all records. What must be done to carry my found set on any given layout and only revert when I issue a Show All Records command in a chosen script.
  9. I run a simple import script on my Windows 7 Platform.  (see attached picture)  In the import dialog, I simple specify the file name without any path. That ensures it will always work, wherever the end user places the application on his hard drive.  As can be seen, the script step indicates Windows ANSI  However, the end user runs the application on Mac OS X. That script always returns empty records which is impossible.  Obviously, I need to add a Mac path in the script.  How can that be done on a Windows computer? Is it simpler to edit the script on the user's compu
  10. Update on the change I made. It seems that it will not be enough to correct the bug. FM Pro 13 just came out. I will take the upgrade and see if it solves it.
  11. I am puzzled. Version 11 V4 only applies to MAC OS. I cannot upgrade my Windows version. The end user runs FM PRo 12, so the file has to be upgraded to FM12 format anyhow. I changed to custom date format, and will see if that solves the problem.
  12. I have an application which uses long date format made on my Windows 7 computer  (appear in french only)  Font used is Arial  The end user has a Mac OS computer.  On his computer, dates show up partly scrambled, and queries based on these date fields always return no results even if choosen Inside the built in calendar.   See example:  Obviously, there is another step to perform to make that compatible on both Windows and Mac OS but I don't see where is the option. Â
  13. I have taken note of the formula. For now, I pasted a portal from a Template and it works as it is. Thank you.
  14. Thanks for the help. I tried with the formula Mod ( Get ( RecordNumber ) ; 2 ) = 0 that did nothing, which is normal since I don't understand what it does and it must be adapted to the context. For transparency, I don't find that and making the whole field transparent is not a solution for me.
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