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  1. I have a database that I use on ipad3 and iphone4 and 5 using FMGO14. My colleague is using it on a new iPad with FM14 and this new toolbar has shown up (highlighted in attached photo). Is this native to new iPads or FM14 and any ideas as to how I can get rid of it ?
  2. I am incorporating barcode scanners into some of my layouts and just yesterday received a bluetooth CT-20 scanner. Available on Ebay for about $70. Setup was reasonably straight forward and seems to connect quickly to iphone5 when I turn it on. I need to change some of my scripts to improve functionality with FM. Will let you know how I get on.
  3. Is it possible to freeze a part (e.g. Header or footer) in form view as is possible in List view ? I want to be able to scroll down a rather lengthy layout on an IOS device but still keep parts of the layout in a frozen state either at the top or the bottom of the screen. The frozen part would contain fields which display summary information for the current record as well as buttons for inputting data into the current record.
  4. Lee, that wasn't what I was asking(but I have often wondered that). I was asking specifically about the calculated result in the screen shot for the total result for "dedicated professional".
  5. I don't have an answer but actually a question about the screenshot - why is the total for "dedicated professional" showing up as 12 when it is actually 13 ?
  6. The app maker works very well. Just make sure you are using the IOS 7 version, assuming you have IOS 7 on your device. Also, if you have both FM12 and FM13 on your device you will have yo remove the FM12 for the app to work with a FM13 solution.
  7. LaRetta Thanks so much for taking the time to provide such detailed advice. I often look at your feedback you post in this forum here as your comments are awsome and I have learnt so much from you and the other contributors. My database will be soley used on iOS and strange as it may seem, my users won't be adding or deleting records so I have disabled that ability by using custom privilges. They only need one button in table view and that is the toggle button, which I have placed in the header to take them back to Form view. So unless, there are any other hidden dangers that I have not cove
  8. But can I do this from TABLE view to FORM view. I have a toggle button for FORM view to TABLE view but then I loose the button when it goes to TABLE view
  9. I have a data base well suited to Form View. Occasionally users will want to view as a table so I placed a toggle button on the layout to take them there. Is there any user friendly way to get them from Table View to Form View without them having to go to the default "menu" button and then selecting "Form" from the View option ?
  10. Lee, quick question on copying text - how do you copy and paste a series of scripts for inserting into a forum post. I am sure this a simple way but I cannot work it out so had to resort to attaching a screen shot.
  11. Thanks for help. I have now got this working and it works a treat.
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