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  1. In case anyone else goes googling this error, I ran into it today, too. This afternoon, everything worked perfectly. Tonight, error 4101. Same FM, same QB, same record, same script, same everything. Except ... in the script I was running, I made a couple edits from a Mac that, of course, can't see all the PCQB functions because it's a PC only plug-in. I didn't touch any lines that referenced the FM Books Connector plug-in, just wrapped a few lines in an If/End If. I solved the problem by going back into the same script from a PC and editing the script step that triggers the 4101 error (PCQB_RqNew-EstimateAdd) and saved it and voila ... no more 4101. I'm guessing my problem was due to editing from the Mac. Gordon Shewach
  2. In case anyone else comes across this post (like I just did) while searching for a solution, I found one: • Create a Global Container field • Put the field on the same layout you're on during the Insert File script (it can be in the non visible scratch area to the right) • Add the following to your Insert File script, before the Insert File command: - Set Error Capture [On] - Insert from URL [select; No dialog; Table::GlobalContainerField; ""file///Volumes/HardDriveName/PathToFile/FileName"] - If [Get(LastError) <> 0 - Show Custom Dialog ["The file is unavailable."] - Exit Script - Else - Set Field [Table::GlobalContainerField; ""} - Set Error Capture [Off] - End If Note: Windows file syntax is: "file:///C:/PathToFile/FileName" Insert from URL DOES suppress the Open File dialog box with Set Error Capture On and returns an error if it fails. The Set Field in the Else clears out the file you inserted so it doesn't take up space in your db.
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