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  1. Hi, I have a question and was wondering if its possible. I have some desktops with FM14 and some with FM16 Ive just had my yearly bill and its going to cost a bit to upgrade all to 16. I love the new card feature as it makes data entry really easy and it stops people pressing a lot of the wrong buttons. The trouble is 14 doesnt support card it just opens another layout window? So i was wondering if i could have a script on a button saying if FM14 open layout 1 else open card 1. is this possible? or am i going about this the wrong way?
  2. hello , I have a script that makes a new record on my iphone . It works well except when your making a record for the first time. it makes on "inactive" record and on "Active" record. Thos is because the status field is empty for the first record. what would i insert to check if its empty , if so new record , if not make "Inactive" Thanks
  3. Hi thanks for help, the idea is to collate all the PDFs together and this it used to do? now i only get the first two even though he has passed all seven. So say before if he only passed 5 modules all the modules saying passed would be placed on my desktop in one readable PDF. Then i created an extra script part to email this collated pdf out. Now i only get two certs the 3rd and 4th in the collated pdf even though he has passed spot which are the 1st 2nd. I also now dont get a pdf at all on my desktop. this script doesnt work full stop. both are the same script its just email has the send e
  4. Hi Thanks for that, ive tried it and nothing it still only saves 2 of them not 5
  5. Hi all, i have a script that is for certificates , its simple really if the person has passed that test then a cert would be printed. I have the same script for PDF on Desktop. The email one doesnt print the spot certs even though he has passed . The PDF script doesnt even save it to desktop.This all worked before but seems to have stopped working after last update. Any ideas? Oh also minimise doesnt minimise in script anymore especially if you use CARD. as i say they did before.
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