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  1. The issue is that that when the exported CSV opens in Excel, it messes up the special characters such as those used in "São Tomé and Principe".... Aha - found a solution 🙂 Just insert the BOM as the first character of the global field content that you are exporting. It can be represented using Char ( 65279 ), so your calculation used to set the first line can be: Char ( 65279 ) & "\"Country\",\"Precipitation\",\"Year\"¶" I just tested in FMP and WebDirect and works great.. The exported CSV opens in Excel with all characters displaying correctly. Revised sample file attached... CSV Headers Demo_v2.fmp12
  2. It's looking like what we might actually do is abandon the Server side plugin and just use client-side as we know it works ok, and in reality it is only really one person in the Accounts dept that ever needs to trigger the sync to QBO.... Will mean reworking a lot of scripts so that they just do a 'Perform Script...' rather than 'Perform Script on Server...', but that will probably not be too difficult to do.
  3. Yep - it is the 'server edition' version of the plugin along with a demo file they provide that is designed to be hosted on server and use the plugin with PSOS scripts that they have set up for the demo file. I am using it to connect to the QuickBooks Online 'sandbox' company which has a set of data provided in it that is for testing purposes... Using the 'client side' version of the plugin with FMPA works without any issue with the same QBO account and data. The two macOS FileMaker Servers I have tested with are two different machines.... One using Mojave and the other High Sierra... Plugin claims to be compatible with all the scenarios I've tested with. I have now also tested with a Windows Server install of FMS 18 (also supported by plugin), and had errors with that as well... To be honest, I'd rather just integrate directly with the QBO API rather than go through the plugin as it has a well formed and documented REST/JSON API by the looks of it, so would easily be handled without the plugin, which has a whole load of it's own functions and a bit of a learning curve in itself. However, I've been drafted in to work on a system that has already had significant investment in it using the plugin to do the QBO integration. However, it was for v2 of the plugin that does OAuth1.0 authentication with QBO which is being retired by QBO on 17th December, so will no longer work with QBO, and which from then will only support OAuth2.0, which v3 of the plugin supports, whereas v2 does not. Hey ho....
  4. Hello, Has anybody successfully managed to get v3 of the FM Books Online server side plugin working with FileMaker Server on macOS? I have tried with FileMaker Server 16 and 17, testing with the server side demo file provided and with my sandbox and live QBO accounts. What mostly happens is that I get the FileMaker error of 'The hosts capacity was exceeded', and the FMS logs show FMSE unexpectedly shutting down every time I attempt to use the plugin 'on server' with PSOS... Any tips or suggestions much appreciated.
  5. Have tested using FileMaker Server 16.0.2 on Windows Server 2012 R1 using WebDirect on Safari 10.1.2 (Mac) and it also shows same problem... However, on Chrome 60 on Mac there is no horizontal scroll bar - works as expected.
  6. If you view the image in the container full screen, and then tap it, you will see the 'Share' button at the top right... Hit that and you should see the option to Save Image - which saves it to iOS photos.... And now in Go 15, you can also use the 'Destinations' function when exporting field contents to do the same...
  7. In the Dropbox app, tap on the file and then on the 'share' button... You will see the option to 'Open in...' Tap that, and you will see 'Copy to FileMaker Go'... Tap that and the file will be copied into FileMaker Go and opened... See attached...
  8. It looks like you are using '/' after your database name when it should be a '?' Also param should just =$msg So your URL would be: <a href="FMP://$/MyFMPdatabase?script=isolatesearch&param=$msg"> https://www.filemaker.com/help/14/fmp/en/html/sharing_data.17.6.html
  9. You could use the script step 'Insert from URL...' To download the csv file into a container field and then set a file path variable such as $path to something like: Get(TemporaryPath) & "myfile.csv" Then use script step 'Export field contents' to save the csv in the container field to the $path and from there do the Import Records script step to import the csv data from $path Hope this helps...
  10. Get(NetworkType) only returns the connection type to the file you currently have opened, in which case, when you use it on a local FileMaker Go file, it returns '0', with no indication of whether or not you will be able to connect successfully to a hosted file. If you are already connected to a hosted database and use it then it will return '2' for cellular and '3' for WiFi connection... However, in order to test that the device even has an internet connection before attempting to connect to a hosted file (in order to avoid the lengthy delay whilst Filemaker Go attempts to connect to the hosted file if no internet connection is available), then using Insert from URL seems to work well, providing of course that the URL you are connecting to is online and available....
  11. Yep, I agree with Kris... Using Insert from URL into a text field works very well... I typically use a very lightweight page to insert, e.g. an html page with nothing but the text "OK" on it... Then use Insert from URL and check that the text field contains the "OK" text, and also check for error code 1631...
  12. One way to have zero dialog printing from FMGo that I have used in the past is to use Insert from URL script step to trigger a php script that ultimately uses Google Cloud Print to print... You can create PDF using FMGo, insert it into a container, base64 encode it, POST using Insert from URL, to your php script which then decodes back to PDF and sends to Google Cloud Print.... There's a brief outline of the method anyway.... Might be worth exploring further for your requirements... Only problem sometimes was a delay at Google Cloud Print queue, but mostly was very fast....
  13. Do you have any unstored calculation fields on the layout you are viewing and trying to sort? This can slow things down a lot... Try creating a new layout based on the table occurrence you want, and then place only the ClientID and Date fields from that table occurrence on the layout and try sorting that... Providing both ClientID and Date fields are not unstored calculations, which I'm guessing they are not, then you should see a big difference....
  14. Hi there, Just thought I'd share something I posted about over at community.filemaker.com in response to a question there... The issue was that FMGo 14 was displaying a very 'jumpy' UI when switching between List view layout and a Form view layout. The list view in particular shows a lot more visual glitches than was ever the case in FMGo 13... What I've found though is that using the new Top and Bottom Navigation layout parts (rather than Head and Footer parts) for both the list view view and the form view layouts that are navigated between, results in a much smoother transition between the two. This is best illustrated by the screen recording video attached here, which shows the same layouts using the 'old' Header and Footer parts, and then using the new Top/Bottom navigation parts... As I've began reworking some of my FMGo 13 solutions to take advantage of new features of FMGo14, I'm glad to have found this out, and it is very quick and easy to convert the header/footer parts to nav parts instead :-) Hope you find it useful too....
  15. Hi Tim, Yep - that was it.... I just needed to add the container to the form view layout... Thank you for your help. Shmuel... Yes, the php code files should be uploaded to your web server... In a lot of standard hosting packages, this is the public_html folder or equivalent.....
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