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  1. Just to clarify those numbers, 1000 new individuals could register in a period of an hour...if evenly spread across the hour (it won't be, I'm sure) makes about 17 per minute...let's allow 30secs for the connection to sync between local and remote files, for each new registration, ie when the data has been entered to the local file and the 'Sync now' button pressed, we should be well ok, and use only 8 or 9 connections concurrently. Double it to allow for peaks, plus a fudge factor...say 20 concurrent connections. Now, on TOP of that, assume 1 user per minute, already registered, decides to c
  2. Just a quickie...if I have defined the path for container storage to be files/whateverthetablenameis do those items get moved automagically when I upload a file to FMS or do I need to do some FTP stuff ? Can't see how to do that, btw...
  3. No, that's fine, so long as we cater for what we think is the peak...if we get it wrong we can buy more licences pretty quickly, up to the max
  4. Yes, it was on a number of Windows machines we tested it ... WD home page not been tested and I don't have a win machine here
  5. Sorry, 4 potentially huge tables, not 4 files (huge in terms of number of rows)
  6. It's actually a globally available self-registration database, with simple synchronisation (ie latest modification wins) of 4 potentially huge files, but all with only a small number of fields, each (about 20). Estimated new registrations = 1000 per hour, peak....estimated updates/syncs = 60 per hour, peak
  7. Thanks, Steven, I'll price it up that way...any comment on whether the approach I outline would actually be efficient in terms of minimising connections and connection time ?
  8. Strange, we tried 3 different machines and had the same hang problem on each, once the page had rendered...yet you seem to be fine -ish) ... Can't imagine what causes ours to hang at exactly the same point in execution...? When I say hang, I guess I actually mean spinner-forever ... The browser looks like it's trying to do something but never gets it done, and the tab just sits there with the spinner spinning....I can close the tab or open another, so it's not actually hanging the browser...
  9. Given the new licensing model i.e. charging for bundles of 5 concurrent connections, I looking at ways to maximise the efficiency whilst minimising connection times. So how does the following scenario sound ? 1) Distribute local .fp12 for use on FILEMAKER Go which contains local data 2) Provide a 'Sync Now' button which fires a script to open a remote file (i.e. 1 x connection), sync between the local data and the remote data file, then close the file (i.e. connection to the remote file) Will the above approach actually work and be efficient ? Does simply closing the remote file f
  10. Anybody heard any proposed date for WD support of IE 11 - currently the browser hangs after rendering the page.
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