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  1. Thanks, Lee. I actually did try to do that before i posted, but for whatever reason didn't work (user error). Went back and worked just fine. Much appreciated.
  2. I'm using 14 Advanced, and looking at the Script Workplace. The left pane has my scripts. Some are in folders, some not. How does one move an existing script into an existing folder? I tried dragging but that won't work. Must be a different way? Or perhaps they are moved someplace else in FileMaker Pro?
  3. A fuller response: My solution has a text box called Product Description- it is quite lengthy. We needed a much shorter 'blurb' that describes the main characteristics of the item. As it turns out, the first paragraph of the Product Description is perfect. Is this the best approach? Maybe not, but it works for us, and thanks for the help.
  4. My question might be hard to understand, but your response is the opposite- it's direct and full of the info I need- i think. It's the end of a long day for me so I'll post direct answers tomorrow. Thanks for the help. ps: not sure how I screwed up default font.
  5. I have two text fields, text1 and text2. Text2 is a product summary, consisting of the first paragraph from text1; text1 is a product description and varies from record to record. I set up the following to automatically populate text2: text2=LeftWords ( text1 ; Position ( text1 ; "all words left of the first paragraph symbol" ; 1 ; 1 ) ) The problem I'm having is what goes where I typed above "all words left of the first paragraph symbol". How to tell FileMaker Pro to find and recognize text control values? For example, many word processors would recognize ^p^ as a paragraph ma
  6. Our research project has progressed to the point that we need to print part of all of our findings. We are using FMv13. and OS 10.10 recently upgraded. The printer is duplex. Depending on the use, sometimes we need part of the data Snd in that case the data fills two pages. The printer prints front/back then goes to the next record and sheet. No problem. Perfect in fact. Sometimes we need a full data dump printed which requires 4 sides or both sides of two sheets. I can't figure out how to get FileMaker Pro setup to do this. Put another way: Record A Sheet 1 front Record
  7. Later: That's possibility of course. With the amount of photos we have the bandwidth drives up the price fairly quickly, though. Wim said: "#3 is not a robust option, it would literally be your copy of FMP that is the host, if you close the file, nobody can get in. If people are working in the file you will have a performance impact. And there are no good live backup options that way. And backups are important. And if you are not in the office with your machine nobody will be able to connect. Better to get a spare machine, set up FMS and hosts the files there." We already have
  8. We setup FMS 13 Trial and it works exactly as expected. And although FileMaker does make an effort to make deployment easy, in actual practice it's not really easy for casual users like me. I spent quite a bit of time online figuring things out that were actually simple. Now it works, but we are using the trial, which runs out in a few weeks. I'm looking at our options. Our situation: We need shared access to our database between two users and we need it for two years at the most. My co-author and I are collecting data for a forthcoming book. We are physically separated by about 30 miles.
  9. "Not to be obvious", writes Rick. Duh! Nothing is too simple to forget, although in this case yes, I know about the 'remote' button. And thanks, Wim, for your help. In the end I just gave up: wiped the machine, fresh OS, fresh FMS, everything works. It actually turns out that permissions WAS the issue (in case someone in the future has the same problem). But in my case, mucking about had caused Safari to be unable to find localhost. Easier to just re-install. It's a dedicated machine anyway. We are taking baby steps. First the trial, then most likely the $99/year that allows a few remo
  10. I downloaded and installed FMS Server 13 Trial on an iMac running 10.9.5 (Mavericks) . Nothing else is running. I believe the deployment was successful- in fact, it is very straightforward. It's on one machine. There is one problem: Clicking on Activity/Databases, I see the databases that I uploaded, including FMServer_sample. The problem? When I select one of the uploaded files, then click on the icon on the upper right (looks like a folder), I select 'Open', but nothing happens; the file stays closed. This might explain why I can't see any of the server files from client machine
  11. Got it, and thanks. Well, I think so; some records are seeing the photos while others are not; flip through the records and they load here and there. I imagine this is just a matter of time as FileMaker Pro rebuilds the links as the paths are now correct. I tried defining the locations as a calculation rather than specifying it, thinking this would make FileMaker Pro build the path, but it didn't. For now I'll see what happens over a day or so. I did what Wim suggested (actually did that before but for whatever reason was not successful). and then using the calc helped as well. Thanks
  12. on #2, yes, I found that out the hard way. Still: is there a way to reconstruct the path to external container data in a way that FileMaker Pro will understand? otherwise I'll repopulate- lengthy but better than wasting time.
  13. Ah, sorry, did not see your reply until today. I should have said that I am using FMP Advanced 13 on Mac Mavericks, all updated to current, and that no, it's not hosted. And I should say that while the db file is backed up the container contents [photos] are not. And there's a good reason: all of the photos [the container contents] also exist in an Aperture file, and the photos are in some sense 'beta', meaning we are using them for now but once the data collection is complete I must go through all of the records to verify photos, ownership, and the like. So I've not lost data, just create
  14. More info: Mac Mavericks, FileMaker Pro 13 Advanced  here's a screen shot showing Manage containers, and also showing the setup in the directory (Finder). The directory is called Copy (a service akin to DropBox); need everything in that folder: Â
  15. Oh, gosh. Let's say you are a beginner, and that during a spate of cleaning up several external drives that were filling up you relocated remote external container files and you have no clue where they were before you started mucking about because you didn't realize how fussy FileMaker Pro is about paths and such, and, well, suppose your FileMaker Pro solution now can't find any of 10,000+ images stored in the aforementioned container fields. Oh. And you also move the FileMaker Pro file, too. And say you tried all manner of combinations with Manage/Containers and options/Open storage, none
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