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  1. Hi HM 1. Depending on the configuration of your server, there can only be a maximum of 50 concurrent users, so my guess is that Webdirect wouldn't suit a high traffic volume site anyway. 2. My sites are low volume, so it's not an issue. Cheers David Just looking at this myself . Would this only work in limited guest / invited to the website scenario. If it were a public website wouldn't it potentially have lots of guests and need buckets of concurrent connections? Cheers HM
  2. Hi xochi I have automatic login set for Guest access, so that everyone logs in as a guest and are directed to the Public layout. On this layout, have a User Login button that performs a relogin and displays the members-only layout. Cheers David
  3. Hi Rosalie I added the calculation field cTotal to the Time table and displayed it in red. Is this what you are after? Cheers David Time.fmp12.zip
  4. Hi I have text displayed in a text field and need it to be copy-able to a user's clipboard. When the text on the web page field is selected, right-click and copy doesn't work. The only way is to select it and use cmd/ctrl-C, which many casual users would not know. I then thought to use a script trigger to use the Copy[select] command. But this doesn't appear to work at all in WebDirect. Any suggestions? This, by the way is related to my other post on using a URL stored in a text field. David
  5. Hi The openURL command appears to always cause the link to open in a new browser window. If users have the Block Popup Windows preference set (which would be many of the public), the new page is blocked. Most people wouldn't know (and wouldn't have the patience) to find the preference and turn it off. I was hoping to include the parameter target="_self" but there appears to be no way to do this in openURL. Any suggestions? David
  6. Hi We now have parents connecting to our Medical Portal, which is a WebDirect interface. Parents on reasonable broadband are connecting ok, but parents on satellite connections and weak 3G can't even authenticate. It appears there must be a lot of handshaking happening, which their connections can't cope with. Can anyone comment on this? David
  7. Thank you both. Comment, I think your suggestion does the job, taking note of your caveat. Regards David
  8. Ok, how about this for an idea. On the DMZ server, open the database (via Open Remote to localhost) using the installed Filemaker client and keep it permanently open. Use Install on Timer script to force synchronisation every hour or so. Not ideal as it relies on the database remaining open, but it should work by my thinking. Any comments? David
  9. Hi When using GTRR to navigate to a record in the same list view layout, the destination record is displayed in unpredictable vertical locations on the screen. Sometimes it will be displayed at/near the top of the list or in the middle or right at the bottom of the screen. Thus the user doesn't know where to look first to locate the record on the screen - it's annoying to have to visually scan the screen. Is there a way to force the target record to always display at/near the top of the screen, irrespective of whether it is down the list or up the list? I know there is the Scroll Wind
  10. Thanks Stephen, it looks like a good (but costly) solution. I'm still interested in any other techniques that people know of. Regards David
  11. WebDirect doesn’t allow relationships to databases on other servers, nor importing of data except via Excel. I have a Filemaker server in our DMZ – the idea is that users can update their personal details over the web. But as their personal details can change frequently in the master database on an internal server, there needs to be a way to automatically keep the DMZ database synced so that the up-to-date info is displayed. Any ideas? Thanks in advance. David
  12. Thank you skywillmott. I hadn't picked up on the v13. David
  13. Hi I've been trying to use the Insert from Device script step to insert a camera image into a container field. However this particular command, on the iPad, creates an Error 4: "This script step "<unknown>" is not supported on this device." FM Go_iPad 12.0.8 on an iPad 2 and an iPad Air, both using iOS 7.1. The database (attached) was created using 13.v01. Can anyone suggest anything? Thanks in advance. David photo.fmp12.zip
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