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  1. Was able to fix it, had to rerun deployment wizard and everything is good again, peace has been restored to the universe
  2. It was recommended on one website, I have the original and can put it back. No it did not restart the deployment wizard when I started the admin console Here was the link https://community.filemaker.com/thread/151649 We had many users that needed to get in unfortunately. I just put the old dbs file back and Filemaker service would not start like before error 1033, then put back the newer one that was created and it started up with no problem.
  3. We have Filemaker 14 running in a virtual server on Server 2012 with no problems. Somebody decided to restart the server for what reason we do not know, which of course killed the virtual server and we restarted it. Initially Filemaker server would not start (in services) I figured out the reason why, I moved the dbs_config.xml from the Preferences folder and then fired up the Filemaker server and it started with no issues. We only have 1 problem now, the webdirect does not work, we can see the webdirect webpage and see the databases but whenever when click on them we get the message "Datab
  4. Yep your right, I typed before I thought. The Done button sounds like a god idea and simple
  5. I want to be able to create a popover that when pressing a specific key it exits to a certain script. This is in a layout where a part is looked up. A variable has been create with the following Set variable [$Gnumber;Value:""] which then displays in a popover which I want the user to enter the number and then press a certain key (like F8 or F9) which then runs a script that assigns that variable to perform a find in the database. My issue is how do I test for certain keystrokes in an easy way, what codes are assigned to function keys or even the enter key? Thanks Paul
  6. Laretta, Your instruction has been very helpful and I don't know if you are still available. I am finishing up some issues with the database (had to put it on the back burner). The boss wants it to spit out a listing of all changes made to the inventory, every quantity that was changed so they can track who made changes and the date it was made to correct anything if necessary. This report is to be produced up exit. What would be the best way to implement this? I have enclosed the database, simply log on as Employee with no password and you can access it Thanks Locator.fmp12
  7. We have an inventory application that allows users to add items to the database one at a time. These are not brand new records but rather records which correspond to pallets where you have to change the quantity in a particular location. The office would like them to switch to table view and modify several at one time. So we put a button on the form which switches it to table view but want some way to protect existing data so they don't mess up any other records. For example some record and error checking when making a change on a field before it is changed completely. What is a logistica
  8. Is there anyway to suppress a layout when printing so it is not displayed? I have a menu that drops down to print several reports, essentially the script for the reports does the following Go to Layout["JPF_printitems1"(Locator)] Sort Records -Restore;No Dialog] Print [] Go to Layout ["JPF_printreports" (Locator)] The report does go to the layout but the user does not need to see the layout, I would prefer to simply "Show Custom Dialog" + with dialog message like "Please while printing" and have it print with no dialog which is easily done, but I don't seem to find a way to preven
  9. Yep it sure is. Slowing starting to get the hang of it. And thanks for the correction I don't mind, I'd rather get it right then continue making mistakes. I may be asking more questions if you don't mind
  10. Hey LaRetta, I did not plan to implement any array in the script highlighted, I was only asking for educational purposes. The table Gvariable contains a few fields set as global variables so I referenced the one I needed to use for user input and provided that for the find against the itloca table. You are correct there should be no options for the user with the No since if no found set of records is located only the user message should be displayed. Thank you for the insight, always happy with the suggestions and input.
  11. Thanks for the explanation, here is what I have done and it works: Set Variable [ $searchterm; Value:Gvariable::gitemno ] If [ IsEmpty (Gvariable::gitemno) ] End If Enter Find Mode [ ] Go to Layout [ “JPF_reports1” (Itloca) ] Set Field [ Itloca::Item_no; Gvariable::gitemno ] Set Error Capture [ On ] Perform Find [ ] If [ Get(FoundCount) = 0 ] Go to Layout [ “JPF_reports” (Locator) ] Show Custom Dialog [ Title: "No Matches for"; Message: Gvariable::gitemno; Default Button: “OK”, Commit: “Yes”; Button 2: “Cancel”, Commit: “No” ] End If What is the best way to creat
  12. Thanks Lee, When I create the following script following the instructions in the link you provided I do it as follows : Go to Layout ["JPF_reportsbyitems"(itloca)] Enter Find Mode [Pause] Perform Find [] Go to Layout ["JPF_findmyitemsresults" (itloca)] This is what happens, the script goes to the layout, it has one field on it and it goes into find mode. The problem that happens is when it goes into find mode it does not allow me to enter the item number, it automatically goes into find mode and grays out the field, so when it goes into the last layout it shows nothing as it i
  13. Looking for some help with creating a simple script. We have a database of inventory items, when the user enters a layout to search for the item, he is presented with a screen that has the item field on it and a button that performs a script. The idea is to simply perform a lookup of the number that is entered in the field and then open the next layout that shows the table view with only those items with that item no. I have created a script but something is missing obviously, what do I need perform the find on what is entered in the field, or is it possible to create a variable just for th
  14. Excuse me I'm new to filemaker and trying to create a simple app. When you create the layout and display the fields you can jump from Form View to List View and Table View. I've already created a screen with the form view and locked it only to form view and they have to click on a button to bring up the table view which is in another layout. I have a display that shows in the screen section for all layouts but when I switch to the layout for table view it throughs away the header I setup and simply fills the entire screen. I wanted something a little more elegant. If it is possible to a t
  15. I'm trying to find a way to format the browse screen. In other words when I allow the layout to show a browse mode it takes up the entire screen, is there a way to lets say have a browse of a table show up within a box on the layout as opposed to the taking the entire screen? Or is it possible to have a browse show up in a popover? Thanks Paul
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