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  1. Thanks for the response BruceR and sorry for the 4PM shout out. As you suspected, I was maligning the script step by stepping out of the layout and back before executing the step. Brain was running in standard knucklehead mode. Moved get(active....) in front of unrelated layout in/out housekeeping and it functions as expected. Once again, thanks for the advice.
  2. Do not understand Get(ActiveFieldName) usage: Simple script: set variable $fieldname = Get(ActiveFieldName) 1. place cursor in desired field. 2. run script in debug mode, data viewer on 3. $firldname always null set variable $fieldname = Get(ActiveFieldName) set field (xyz) = $fieldname 1. place cursor in desired field 2. run script 3. field (xyz; text) is empty What am I doing wrong? Same problem with Get(ActiveFieldContent) Other Get(Active***) all appear to work as I would expect.
  3. Thanks Steve. GetSummary() is what I could not remember. I appreciate the assist. Ike "Knucklehead" King
  4. Having a mental block. I have a list with several sub summary fields. On the layout I display a count of the number of records included in each sub summary and this works as expected. Five records in sub summary X, count displays 5. Eleven records in sub summary Y, count displays 11. etc. How can I trap the sub summary count value in a script variable? Everything I can find or think of yields the total record count or found count. I need to trap the layout specific count values for the current sort sub summary sections. Is this even possible?
  5. Thanks for the assist. My wife has a problem understanding me also Looking at your example it is clear we are not on the same page. I have a small function example of what I am trying to accomplish that I could send you. This example demonstrates structure requared as well as the problem far better than I can with words. Problem is, being new to this interface, I do not know how to include the file in a message as you did. If you could enlighten me on the attach aspect of this system I will attach a copy for your review. Once again, Thanks for taking the time to assist me. Knucklehe
  6. Why not use a short toggle script and a button field so the user can click the attendance box and change it from a Yes to a No, No to Yes, 1 to 0, 0 to 1, etc. without ever touching the keyboard. This is very user friendly and works great. If text is what you want, include a simple calculation field in each record where [ If (text_field = "yes"; 1; 0)] and sum on that field. Good Luck Knucklehead
  7. Thanks for the help: Nope. Must use + to push the list up moving the desired record to near the center of the list. There in lies the problem. My record pointer is now at the record at the bottom of the list. I have tried many approaches of "Go to Record/Request/Pager [ Previous] to move the pointer back up the list to the highlited record but the results are not what you would expect. List always shifts to place the highlited record at the bottom of the list. I need the process to end with the record pointer being the one highlited and both near the center of the list (ignoring the l
  8. It sounds like a sub-summary field would do the trick for you. If sort your records by month, a summary field in a sub-summary area will provide a total for only the records in the sort groups. I would experiment with a few layouts using this approach and a button to invoke the desired sort. Knucklehead
  9. Sounds like your problem workstation has not joined the peer to peer workgroup or been recognised by the server as a valid user. As I understand it, Filemaker Server runs its own recognization stacks. Knucklehead
  10. I have an index LIST with titles as buttons. Selecting a title opens a new window with detailed information in a FORM view. The script that returns me to the index needs to center (when possible) the displayed list on the Last_Record_Selected. This is easly done by forcing the list view record pointer to the last record and then moving to the Last_Record_Visited + an offset value. Works like a charm - except - it leaves the active record pointer setting at the last record in the visible list. I am matching a global Last_Record_Visited field to the actual Record_Number field in a Condit
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