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  1. You can use telegram bot @my_bot_id to get your personal chat id. That way you can test it to send message to yourself.
  2. I do not know about UPS api but try by setting data as --data option. Instead of "httpspost" format in url, use curl options with data set from variable. Below is example (did just wrote from memory, not sure if syntax is 100% correct) "--data @$$UPS_JSON_Formatted " & "-X POST " & "-H \"Content-type: application/json\"" Set url as "https://wwwcie.ups.com/rest/Track"
  3. Here is a short tutorial how to send Telegram message from FileMaker 16 (previous version needs to set target as field): 1. Find @BotFather from telegram 2. Send message: /newbot 1. Answer to questions (Bot name, bot username) 2. Get token (12345:AAFzdx1231sfasfddafskv_KBkARu5UdsdsfHM) 3. Find newly created bot and start conversation (/start) 4. Create a FileMaker script 1. Set variable ($cmd; "getUpdates") 2. Insert From Url 1. With dialog: off 2. Specify target as variable: $$response 3. Specify URL: "httpspost://api.telegram.o
  4. Telegram's apis should work in the future as well. They have different intentions and use cases than Whatsapp that is purely a p2p messaging app. What's your use case? Do you want sent messages as yourself or more like service messages to clients? Do you need to receive messages?
  5. Some background on two messaging apps: I'm not 100% what I say is correct, but as far as I know Whatsapp use end-to-end encrypting on every message and discussion. Whatsapp web and whatsapp desktop app are relying on your phone to be in the same network (wifi etc) to access messages. Everything still goes through your phone. Telegram does it differently. It's messages are not (AFAIK) e2e encrypted by default. You can message without your phone on desktop app or web app. If you enable e2e encryption on discussion you will be able to access the messages only in that device. Apis:
  6. As far as the situation was earlier in the summer, WhatsApp doesn't allow third party messaging. There has been some APIs etc over the years but WhatsApp has declined the access of those for security reasons.Telegram (another messaging app) allows third party messaging via bots. But you cannot send messages from yourself to someone else directly.
  7. At least 15 works with PHP 7 even if it is not certified by FM. Maybe 14 as well.
  8. You can put a script trigger to the field in portal. One possibility would be to add "OnObjectValidate" trigger. With one field in portal script can check if ID of the current portal record is empty. But if there are two fields in the portal "Profile" and "Process", you have to have additional logic, because ID is not anymore empty if Profile-field has been filled and user continues to the Process-field (record is created). You could put another script trigger into the first field to check if the ID is empty and keep track of its ID by creating a global variable after committing the porta
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