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  1. I have files on iMac and iPhone and need to sync them. in the past I have opened two finder windows on my iMac one for the iPhone and the therefor the ima. to sync I just dragged the file from one to the other and it worked. Today for some reason it is not woking. Help please
  2. For many years I have been using FileMaker go on my iPhone and I have developed an item where I keep track of all my spending. I have the master of this on my iMac in FileMaker Pro Advanced 16. From time to time I connect to the iMac and using iTunes update. if any basic changes to the programme I have developed are required I make them on the iMac and then save that to my filmmaker Go. I don't seem to be able to do that now and would appreciate guidance on how to sync the two. thanks
  3. I have all of my credit card payment items in a file with fields for payment date and Reconciled. I enter the payments when I become aware of them and some are entered with a payment ahead of the actual date of entry. I wish to know what my actual bank balance is at any time which means subtracting items not reconciled. I make all entries on my iPhone as they occur and from time to time via Filemaker Go synchronise with my Mac. on the Mac I can run a script that sorts firstly by reconciliation and then by date ascending and this places the itms not yet reconciled at the end making easy to dete
  4. Thanks jbante. I will set up a couple and see how they go when my new iPhone 6 plus arrives in a couple of days
  5. I am about to get my iPhone 6 plus and have a number of files setup for my current 3.5inch iPhone screen. Does anyone have the dimensions I need to customise the outline template when modifying those files for the iPhone 6 plus please.
  6. Thanks very much, setting that option has fixed it. I really appreciate your time and knowledge
  7. The field that should show age, is not showing anything at all, and for entries made some years ago, it is not giving the correct answer.
  8. Some years ago I took a standard inventory file and have used it since. It is very good. You enter the date purchased and one of the fields calculates the age in years. It is not working and the formula is beyond my expertise. This is the formula; If( GetAsText( Year(Get(CurrentDate)) - Year(Date Purchased) ) = "1"; GetAsText( Year(Get(CurrentDate)) - Year(Date Purchased) ) & " Year"; GetAsText( Year(Get(CurrentDate)) - Year(Date Purchased) ) ) I would be grateful if anyone could advise what changes I should make to get the field to work properly. Thanks
  9. I have Filemaker Pro 11 on my Mac and Filemaker Go 12 on my iPad. I now wish to pur Filemaker Go 12 on my iPhone. I did purchase it, but now of course it is not available. Is there any way I can get my Go 12 App no my iPad and somehow put it on my iPhone?
  10. If this is not possible, I would be grateful if someone would tell me that. Thanks
  11. I record all of my personal account details in a database that I started in 2000. I have my three separate accounts in different databases. I have routine income and expenditure items that occur on the same date each month. I have created scripts and buttons to enter these items on the due date. Is there any way that I can program the database so that it recognises the date and automatically makes these routine entries.
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