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  1. By God Mr Comment, you did it! The thing blocking me was the Running total. Once I removed that, there was no problem creating a portal and creating a sentence within do display the total. It is conditionaly formated to not be visible on the invoices whose clients have no debt and to display an alarming message for the clients that have debt. Very pleased with the end result, I thank you for helping me and declare this issue closed for me!
  2. You are right, Unstored does not appear but Calculate when needed does... You gave me two options: 1. Then you will have to either change the relationship so that it includes the filter - To which I asked: How can I add a filter to the relationship? 2. Place the text object inside a one-row portal filtered the same way - To which I asked: If I do a one row portal with this filter it just sums up one total instead the sum of all late invoices... Or am I doing it wrong? I have no problem creating a new relationship if it helps. Here are the details you
  3. Yes, if you look up, I already stated that. That's why my initial plan did not work. The Late field is a calculation taking into consideration Due date, Current date and a Tick box one ticks when they pay a specific invoice. Resulting in a Yes or No. It is set as Recalculate when needed or it wouldn't go into Late=Yes when the Due date passes...
  4. Initialy, I thought I could relate a new instance of the table, Invoice 3. Relate it to this one using Customer serial code and Late=Yes, giving all records a bogus field that says Yes so that I can relate it to the Late=Yes field. Then use a calculation Sum (Invoice 3::Summary of totals) to get this total. It seemed logical to me. But it didn't work out. Don't know if you get my mumbling here... How can I add a filter to the relationship? If I do a one row portal with this filter it just sums up one total instead the sum of all late invoices... Or am I doing it wrong?
  5. I'm sorry, the structure is complex so I was mostly speaking generaly and hopeing someone would know what to do. The portal is showing data from another instance of the same table, "Invoice 2" related to this one by the customer serial code and filtered by the calculation Invoice 2:: Late="Yes" I have a calculation in every record of the Invoice table that calculates whether an invoice is paid or not, giving a Boolean result...
  6. Ok, Screenshot 1 is how the invoice looks like, just to give you an idea of it. You see the three red lines by the end, I made a portal here to show three or less invoices that are due. This works fine but can only fit so much. Now I'd like to delete that portal and in its place put the sentence I talked about, with the total debt owed. To stress the problem further. Screenshot 2 shows you a portal I made on the side, that has enough rows to show all the unpaid inovices. It has a summary that adds up to the total debt owed by the customer in the lower right corner. If I could ma
  7. Hmm... I don't like the idea of using a script for this to much. It seems to me it shouldn't be much of a problem to do this since all the infrastructure is there to provide the result, I see it right there within the portal, I just can't get it out to use within a sentence... [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] I would just like to do a nice and simple sentence by the end of every invoice like this: "According to our records, at this time you are > due!" Of course in Croatian, don't mind the grammar... Thank you for trying to help! [emoji6]
  8. Amateur hour here. I've been messing around in FM for years but only for personal use. Now I want to do something I thought would be easy to programme with my knowledge but I got stuck and can't seem to get unstuck. I have an Invoice database. My regular clients have a payment delay. Some of them are late of course. Every payment is filed so every invoice from the past has a calculation showing Late: Yes or No. I want to display on every new invoice the amount of money that client owes based on due invoices at that moment displayed as a simple sum. I did manage to
  9. Here is some more info on what I'm trying to do... The structure is simple. One table containing invoices as records. Each record has these fields, relevant to this operation: Person (Contains person full name) Persons email (Obvious) Invoice number (Contains numbering) Invoice overdue? (Contains Yes if late) Invoice amount So, what I want to do is: Find Invoice overdue = Yes Sort by Person Create report that forms a list of all invoices overdue by each person containing their total summary Export report for each person to temporary folder as PDF Email each person an evil s
  10. Jeeeez guys, when I started meddling with FM, I had no Idea of the vast possibilities it has... Now, I want more and more every day. Now this is one problem I can't seem to solve so thought you might have some ideas how to do this. This is the situation: FM 11 on OSX 10.6.8. Created a database of invoices for my non profit. As it happens, a lot of people are overdue on their issued invoices. So I got the idea to create an automated script that will when I activate it create a PDF report containing invoices overdue for every person. And then compile a personalized email that attaches t
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