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  1. Thanks Wim, I recreated the script in FM14 and it works. The only difference between the two happens to be FM14 the script is using the mapped drive name instead of the actual name of the server that I originally had in the script..but is working now. Thanks for the help.
  2. Hi Wim, i think you are saying to look at the script in both FM13 and FM14 and see if there any differences. So, I will try that and let you know. Thanks
  3. Wim, I started with 64 bit, spent hours with both Filemaker and 360works - with no solution. I downloaded the latest java plug in due to the message I received when I tried to use the 360works scribe plug in. Nothing seemed to work. FM14 still is not optimum to the performance I had before switching from FM13 to FM14...do you know why the export function gives me that message. I have had the message before when in FM13 IF and only if the file was open. But now, in FM14 I get the message even though the file is closed. When I use FM13, there are no issues. Any help, would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Now that I have switched to FM14 32 bit, the container works like it did before. The last thing to resolve will be the plug in. I had downloaded the latest 360scribe plug in when I was using FM14 64 bit...it had asked me to update java...which I did and I was still getting the message to update java...
  5. Hi Wim, thank you for answering. I am running two computers now, one with FM13 and one with FM14 (32 bit). I had FM 14 - 64 bit installed before, so I need to see if I am still having some of the same issues now that I have installed the 32 bit version. My computer is 64 bit For the export script, it works fine in FM13 but in FM14, I am getting this message This is the script: I will look at the other issues now that I have the 32 bit installed. It does not look like the snips came thru....so I have attached them. Thanks
  6. I have had numerous issues since upgrading to FM14...I am running windows 10 now, but I have also installed it on 4 different computers running windows 7,8 and now 10. 360scribe Plug does not work. I have an export Scripts that will not work in FM14, containers with pdfs were interactive, but now it exports the file when i go to a page with a container, etc..Has anyone else had similar issues?
  7. Thank you...1.0056 just downloaded it..
  8. Hi Just installed Docubin and supercontainer. The files are there but can't see them in the file structure and when loading them got this plug in error message com.prosc.fmkit.fmcalculationExpression: 3. Can you tell me what I may have done wrong. Thanks
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