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  1. I'm not sure I completely understand. So if done this way the enrolled field will simply be a Boolean value. Assuming I create a relationship like you suggested at first: Teachers -< Enrollments >- Students When the user is going to enroll students to a teacher they will do a find in the "enrolled" field and search for a 1? Then do the enrolling using the portal from there?
  2. No, they only enroll into the Saturday school program. I don't know why I didn't think of it doing as you said. If done this way I would have to have had a field such as "EnrolledID" and simply copy their ID onto that field, and based the relationship of that field, right?
  3. I am trying to create the portal that shows all the teachers from the "Enrolled" table so the user can be in the student record and choose the teacher from there but it is not showing all the teachers. How do I make it so the portal shows all the teachers from the teacher table? Edit: Nevermind. Figured it out
  4. I have the regular student table that consists of around 1300 students and students who will actually be enrolled will be about 350 so what I am doing if they return a form that they do want to attend I simply click the "enroll" button and create a record based on the ID to the enrolled students table. I see how that would work. It will take a long time to have to click twice for all the students but I suppose there is no other way.
  5. I think I know what you are trying to say. In the enrollment table each new record will consist of the the single teacher they are related to. For example, steve will have on record with teacher "Doe" and another record with teacher "Sagget"? I currently do have it set up using three table but the reason I have it this way is because I have a student table with all the students in the school but this is a special saturday school program so I have the "Enrolled Student" table for students who are actually enrolled in the Saturday school program. So my database would be something like this:?
  6. I am using FileMaker 12 and I am trying to create a student-teacher database. Basically I want to create a roll sheet showing every student that the is enrolled to the teacher. The way I have it right now is I have a separate teacher table with a unique ID and their name etc. I have a student table with their unique ID and name etc. In that student table i have two fields (Teacher_1 and Teacher_2), since that student will have only 2 teachers. This field is a drop down list of the ID's on the teacher table. The way I have it now is I have it the relationship of the unique ID from the teacher
  7. Yes, you are right, filtering and sorting a portal is not helping me. I uploaded a screenshot of part of the letter so others can understand better. I am not trying to filter or sort the portal, I have already done that. This is where I am lost Fitch. I am not sure how the calculation would look like so that I ONLY get the room number of their seventh period or 8th period. Whichever I chose so after I do I can sort the records, not portal, by room number and simply print them ready to pass out. Sorry if I may have worded my previous posts poorly and didn't get my correct message across.
  8. I think I know what you mean but what I am trying to do is send a letter to every student in the school. So what I have is a letter layout and then the portal of the students let say 8th period in the bottom right corner of the letter. I want to sort the letters by room number this way I get the room stack go to the room and pass them out. When i go to sort by room number nothing happens, I'm assuming it's because it's through the portal.
  9. Hello, I have a database with that has a student schedule. The schedule consists of 8 different records related to the student ID. So there are 8 periods per student. Currently, I have the list that shows the student schedule from Period 1 to 8 and consists of The Period Number and Room Number. However, I only want the List to show Period number 7 so I can sort the records by the room number and not have to manually sort it myself when I print it out. I have it done by using a portal and filtering it by period = 7 but when I go to sort it does not sort out by room number.
  10. Isn't it bad that there are 8 serials which are supposed to be unique? I created a separate database for a Saturday school session we are having and only some of the students of the school participated in it. Now, I want to import the schedule from the other database that has the schedule of all the students but when I go to do that it only imports one period since I am importing by matching student ID and it overrides the original data when the student id comes up again during the import.
  11. Hello, I have a database with the information of every student in the school linked and everyone has a unique ID provided by the school. Now, I have access to their school schedules from an excel file. Each student has 8 periods. What is the best way to create a relationship so I can have some sort of portal on the layout with the student information to show their schedule sorted from period 1 - 8. What I currently did was have 8 excel files each with the student ID and each excel file had only one period. So I imported the period 1 and period 2 but without matching, i just kept adding
  12. There is an actual zero on the field. What I am thinking is making a calculation field that if the hours is zero then leave it blank and then counting that field.
  13. Would that sum calculation sum every related student that teacher has or only the record that is being browsed? Edit: Thanks that worked! Let say if the student had zero hours done then he is basically a no show. How would I remove that from the count of the amount of students they had? So if in their roster they had 5 students it would first remove the count by 5 then multiply that by 24.
  14. Hello all, I have a student database that has the total of intervention hours for each student. I am trying to do a calculation which is basically sum of the total hours of all their students divided by the total amount of students a teacher has times 24. Each teacher has a certain amount of students so I what i am doing is doing a find mode with the teachers name on the students side table and multiplying whatever I find times 24. Then this is how I am unsure on how to loop through the records and keep adding each field in the records until it hits the last records. So basically I wa
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