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  1. I’m working on a Mac OS X 10.9.3 and have a FileMaker 13 Pro developed app that I’m trying to implement a SMS solution in. I’m getting an Error 3 message – Command is unavailable (for example, wrong operating system, wrong mode, etc.). and will be implementing on iPad as well. Can you give me a hand on what I need to do to get this to work?
  2. I have a value list that is based on field in a table (Attachment 1). Â When I set the field type that uses the value list to Pop-up the field displays the Name and stores the Contact ID as required. Â However, when i set the field as Drop-down the field displays the Contact ID. Â Is there any other way than stacking the Name on top of the Contact ID with the field set as a Drop-down? Â Thanks... Â Â
  3. You guys are ROCK STARS! Thank you so very much for the timely and useful support. I got it working!
  4. Thanks so much, LaRetta. I've attached the file...
  5. Really Stuck -  Please see the Entry Screen shot - this is where I'm capturing the data Field Definition where I'm trying to get what's in zz_Groups Output - zzInTheList is not showing the content of zz_Groups  What am I missing?        Â
  6. I have a field that I want to limit to contacts that are "friends" is what I was referring to. Â E.G. Â If the contact Fred Black's check box options for 'friend' and 'professional' were checked I want to create a Value List that just includes contacts that are "friends" and another distinct Value List for "Professional". Â Hopefully this clarifies... Â The first image shows how I have the Check Box laid out. Â In the second image, for the field 'Primary Counselor' I just want the user to be able to select from the contacts that have Counselor selectedÂ
  7. Fantastic, thank you. I'm still a bit stuck. Ultimately, what I'm trying to accomplish is to create distinct drop down lists based on which groups have been selected for each contact. For example if Fred Smith has been checked as a friend and professional I want to include him in the list for each of those two groups. Do I accomplish this by creating a calculated field for each of the groups within the Contacts table and then using that field as the source for the value list or do I accomplish this by creating a relationship table. Either way I think I've got the basic concept but can't fi
  8. I have a field named zz_Groups in the table Contacts. zz_Groups uses values from the List MyGroups. Let's say the Value List contains friend, family, professional, work, personal, etc. Using a script, how can I determine which of the options have been checked on the form in the Check Box field based on zz_Groups? Thanks!
  9. Thanks much. I had everything as you described EXCEPT the include only related values... it was late, i was tired, arghh! Hence the underwhelming title Again, thanks!
  10. I have a table names Contacts. I am trying to create a relationship for a drop down list that will not include the current contact in the list. For example: I have Bob, Ted, Mary and Alice as data. When I am on Bob's record I want to have the drop down only include Ted, Mary and Alice. Thanks...
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