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  1. Man, this is really annoying. I think it's a bug within 13. When I open the file in 12, it doesn't do this. Watch the attached movie (while in FMPA 13), unbelievable! FileMaker Pro AdvancedScreenSnapz001.mov
  2. OK, this one is totally bizarre. In layout mode, using the color palette, both with rgb & hsb sliders, whenever I type in a number and then tab or click to the next available color field, the number I had just previously typed in mysteriously changes to some random number. No matter how many times I try to correct the number, it won't stay the correct number. So, after sheer frustration, I simply started to press the enter key while the cursor was in one of the color fields. And all three of the colors (rgb) randomly changed to different numbers with each successive press of the enter key. Basically, the color won't stay the color I type in. Am I the first to experience this? Is my Mac on crack? I am using FMPA 13 on a MacBook Pro Retina with 10.8.5
  3. Is it possible to prohibit record editing when a field matches X value? For instance, a field named "Status". When the Status field contains "completed" is it possible to prevent editiing ANY field in that record from that point forward? For some reason, having a hard time figuring this one out.
  4. Thanks for the good suggestions. Haven't been on this forum long but it already typifies most FMP developers forums…a great place to learn because people share their ideas. I suspect I'll be sticking' around. Thanks again.
  5. Using FMPA13, I went to format a checkbox field this morning and it seems there is no longer a way to change the color of just the actual checkboxes or, if there is, I am missing something here. Under FMPA11, it was simple: select a color for the line, regardless of setting the Borders to off or on. In this case, Borders were turned off. Anyone else experience this or am I missing something obvious?
  6. Boy, an upgrade, I feel pretty dumb about now. That's all it was. I'll never tell how long I've been developing solutions but let's just say my first Mac was a Mac Plus
  7. I thought I'd post this here since I'm primarily attempting to get this working on an iPhone & FMGO12. I'm trying to run a script during "OnLayoutSizeChange" using the "Get (WindowOrientation)". Basically, if the orientation on the iPhone changes, it should change to the appropriate layout. What am I missing here? If [Get ( SystemPlatform ) = 3] Set Zoom Level [100%] Refresh Window [] If [Get (WindowOrientation) < 0] Go to Layout ["iPhone 4 Landscape"] Else Go to Layout ["iPhone 4 Portrait"] End If Else Go to Layout ["Data Entry - MBP"] End If
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