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  1. Hey guys, I’m trying to get FM to use the modem as a dialer, in windows its simple but for some reason its disabled in the Mac. Anyone have a solution to get this to work.
  2. Hey guys, I have an application that is working awesome as a webdirect database. I want to print out a label for when they add a record. I found out that printing isn't supported using webdirect. Anyone have a workaround! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Hey guys, Anyone have any luck with the keep alive function for web direct. I have the need for a solution as well. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Hey Group, I am trying to run an script every night at 9pm. the script runs an AppleScript to open a copy of filemaker run a report script and email it out. The script runs great when I run it locally. Runs the AppleScript perfectly. When I try to run it thru the scheduler it returns a "aborted by user" in the status. any ideas?
  5. Hey, I am having a similar issue trying to run an AppleScript. I get the Aborted by user error.
  6. Oh. Thanks. Is there another way to send a report from an email on the server.
  7. Hey guys, I have a script that i run every Saturday night at 11:15pm. It's to email out a time worksheet to each employee for their review. It works great when I do it when I am using the system but when I have it run automatically it sends out the email without the attached report. I n the script I am saving the report as a pdf the. Attaching the pdf to the email. Anything I should be looking at?
  8. Hey group, I am trying to run a script that will loop thru a portal and change the date. It runs and works but is in an endless loop. Here's the code. Set Error Caption [On] Go to Object [Object Name: “PortalLabour”] Go to Portal Row [First] Loop Set Field [Labour::Date; DailyReports::Date] Commit Records/Requests [No Dialog] Go to Object [Object Name: “PortalLabour”] Go to Portal Row [Next; Exit after Last] End Loop
  9. Hey group, I have a DB running my office. It's working great. I would like to run a particular script on a specific day and time of the week. Anyone know how? Sorry o should have mentioned the DB is running on FileMaker server.
  10. Hi group, I have an estimating db that I have a table for items and one for assemblies and one for assemblyItems. The assemblies are like a header table where I have a title of the assembly and I add items from my items table into my assemblyItems table. This creates a actual cost for the assembly. So an example is this; (I am an electrical contractor) Office with 2 Lights, 1 Switch and 3 Receptacles. $328.00 4 hours of labour. This has the following items in the AssemblyItems table that will make up the cost of the assembly. 2 2x4 Troffers c/w lamps $68
  11. Hey guys, I posted a question on applescript example of adding a reminders. Thanks, what you sent in was awesome. The next question I have is if anyone has an example of adding an iCal calendar item from applescript. I would like to add and iCal event the name, date, time start, and end time. Any help would be awesome.
  12. Hey group, I have an application where I am trying to do an applescript to the reminder app. Once I create the work order I would like it to automatically add to the reminder. Any ideas on how to do that. Can somebody send me a sample on this.
  13. Hey guys, I am writing time sheet deb for my employees. Each day they can login and allocate their hours to a job. This is tracked in the jobs and I would like to display daily or weekly time sheet layout. I have a table for labour which stores their entries with date, employee, hours and job number. Is there a way I can create a new layout that would display a list of their labour by day. So I would like to have a heading of day name, then the list of entries below that. Thx
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