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  1. Hey guys, I’m trying to get FM to use the modem as a dialer, in windows its simple but for some reason its disabled in the Mac. Anyone have a solution to get this to work.
  2. Hey guys, I have an application that is working awesome as a webdirect database. I want to print out a label for when they add a record. I found out that printing isn't supported using webdirect. Anyone have a workaround! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Hey guys, Anyone have any luck with the keep alive function for web direct. I have the need for a solution as well. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Hey Group, I am trying to run an script every night at 9pm. the script runs an AppleScript to open a copy of filemaker run a report script and email it out. The script runs great when I run it locally. Runs the AppleScript perfectly. When I try to run it thru the scheduler it returns a "aborted by user" in the status. any ideas?
  5. Hey, I am having a similar issue trying to run an AppleScript. I get the Aborted by user error.
  6. Oh. Thanks. Is there another way to send a report from an email on the server.
  7. Hey guys, I have a script that i run every Saturday night at 11:15pm. It's to email out a time worksheet to each employee for their review. It works great when I do it when I am using the system but when I have it run automatically it sends out the email without the attached report. I n the script I am saving the report as a pdf the. Attaching the pdf to the email. Anything I should be looking at?
  8. Thanks. That's awesome. Worked perfect.
  9. Hey group, I am trying to run a script that will loop thru a portal and change the date. It runs and works but is in an endless loop. Here's the code. Set Error Caption [On] Go to Object [Object Name: “PortalLabour”] Go to Portal Row [First] Loop Set Field [Labour::Date; DailyReports::Date] Commit Records/Requests [No Dialog] Go to Object [Object Name: “PortalLabour”] Go to Portal Row [Next; Exit after Last] End Loop
  10. Hey group, I have a DB running my office. It's working great. I would like to run a particular script on a specific day and time of the week. Anyone know how? Sorry o should have mentioned the DB is running on FileMaker server.
  11. Hi group, I have an estimating db that I have a table for items and one for assemblies and one for assemblyItems. The assemblies are like a header table where I have a title of the assembly and I add items from my items table into my assemblyItems table. This creates a actual cost for the assembly. So an example is this; (I am an electrical contractor) Office with 2 Lights, 1 Switch and 3 Receptacles. $328.00 4 hours of labour. This has the following items in the AssemblyItems table that will make up the cost of the assembly. 2 2x4 Troffers c/w lamps $68.00 2.4 hours of labour. 1 Box $4.00 .02 hours of labour Wire, etc.... I would like it so if I update a price in my item list the linked item in my AssemblyItems table is updated and the assembly header is updated. What do you think Is the best approach for auto updating, something that won't kill the speed of the db. Thx,.. Jamie Lindemann
  12. Hey guys, I posted a question on applescript example of adding a reminders. Thanks, what you sent in was awesome. The next question I have is if anyone has an example of adding an iCal calendar item from applescript. I would like to add and iCal event the name, date, time start, and end time. Any help would be awesome.
  13. Hey group, I have an application where I am trying to do an applescript to the reminder app. Once I create the work order I would like it to automatically add to the reminder. Any ideas on how to do that. Can somebody send me a sample on this.
  14. Hey guys, I am writing time sheet deb for my employees. Each day they can login and allocate their hours to a job. This is tracked in the jobs and I would like to display daily or weekly time sheet layout. I have a table for labour which stores their entries with date, employee, hours and job number. Is there a way I can create a new layout that would display a list of their labour by day. So I would like to have a heading of day name, then the list of entries below that. Thx
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