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  1. I have over 1000 FMGO users and have never had a problem deploying fmgo solutions. Installations and updates are fairly easy to do. I personally have little interest in putting my solutions on the App Store.
  2. If you are using FileMaker Go 13v3 or greater you can save the PDF in the email to the FileMaker go documents folder. No need for acrobat or ibooks.
  3. Changing to "on commit" wasn't going to solve your problem. It was only going to fix the issue of your serial numbers incrementing when an uncommitted record doesn't get saved properly. In fmgo you need to make sure that records get committed frequently, especially when entering data in a portal. I use the following OnExit script trigger to minimize having an uncommitted record: If (Get(RecordOpenState)>0 commit record EndIf
  4. FileMaker Go can be destructive if a user gets disconnected from the server when a record is uncommitted. FMGO will attempt to reconnect and then it has a tendency to record lock itself if it reconnects. When this happens, FMGO will delete records. I've seem it delete a whole found set of records. FileMaker engineers know about this issue but they so far have not been able to resolve this issue.
  5. Delete the file and then send a new email with the file. You can also zip the file before sending as long as the user has something on their iPad that can unzip the file.
  6. This is a quirk in FMGO. The host is saved in the recent section.
  7. It should work on an iPad. Make sure you are using fmgo 13 instead of fmgo 12.
  8. You could put the container in a popover window. Then when the user taps on the picture, trigger a script to show the popover window that contains the larger container field.
  9. On number 2 it sounds like you have a relationship between the two tables based on horse name. Highly recommend against this. In your main table you should have an auto entry serial number field. Your relationship should be based on this number. If you use horse name, what happens if you misspelled the name and then correct it. You would break all of the relationship. A serial number is something that you should never be allowed to change, so if you correct the horse name, the relationships would still be intact since you did not change the serial number.
  10. You can only lock the toolbar through a script. So either don't run that script or create a script that unlocks the toolbar. You can also use your script debugger to bypass the script step that is locking the toolbar.
  11. FMGO can export an .xlsx but it can not save a copy to .xlsx. You can attach the file and fill out the email with a script in fmgo. Your script didn't work because you used Save Records as Excel instead of Export file type Excel. Your $path doesn't work because you didn't specify the file name. Your $path only specifies what folder the file is in. Without the name of the file, FileMaker has no idea what file to attach to the email.
  12. Can you give a little more info on how launch center interacts with FileMaker go? You might be able to pass an account and password through a URL.
  13. Typically in FileMaker you will have separate layouts for inputting data and a different layout for printing the data, especially if you are using an iPad. The print layout should be designed to print on a 8.5 by 11 sheet of paper (or whatever size paper you are using). Use a print script to go to the print layout, print the page and then return back to the input layout. On an iPad, using a 16 to 18 point font size is a good size for readability. Your print layout would usually use fonts between 9 to 12 points.
  14. What version of FileMaker go and pro are you using? Does this problem occur if you access the file with full access privilege? If you a running a script with this process do you have Run with Full Access privileges checked? Btw, you can place the global container field anywhere on your layout.
  15. I don't think you want a validation calculation. In my opinion validation calculation are not very user friendly. Here is one possible solution. After the user enters the item use an on exit script trigger to go to the cost field. Then run an on exit script trigger that will not let them exit the cost field if the cost field is empty and the item field is not empty.
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