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  1. Would also love to know one, currently using Rasbian OS and wrote a script that clicks the mouse every 10 minutes, not a perfect solution but couldn't think of anything else atm.
  2. I had the same problem with Yosemite so I downgraded to Mavericks and everything has been working perfectly ever since.
  3. Hey guys, I could use some help. I'm setting up a database and I'm a little stuck. I need to create a database with 90 records (machines), and each of those 90 records need 288 subrecords (positions on machines), and each of those subrecords need another subrecord to display info about said position, and I have no idea how to set this up. Currently I have 3 tables MACHINE POSITION POSITION_CONTROL I created 288 in the positions tables because theres always 288 positions. The user needs to select a machine, then a position on the said machine and then access the control sheet of the
  4. WebDirect doesn't support printing. What you can do is use your web browsers print function.
  5. Hello, I would like to make my Webdirect solution to only be able to save(commit records) with a button, the problem is, it saves whenever I click anywhere else than a field, on a computer I could live with that, but on touch-screen controls it gets really annoying, I've already disabled the auto-save feature in the layout setup, because on my tablet it literally saved after every letter I typed in. So in short, I'd like to make my webdirect solution so, that you can only save records with a save button, in pro & pro advanced I used the empty web-viewer technique, but that obviously do
  6. The reason is simple - to get rid of the stacks of paper. Instead of having stacks of paper next to individual machines people can rather check the logs to see what has been done. and there will be only 1 solution for 1 problem, to answer that previous question. And yes, thats the setup of tables I have.
  7. I've separated all 3 so people can only access the tables they are supposed to and input data they are supposed to, for example the machine operators can submit malfunctions and view them in table C, but cant access the mechanics table and cant edit old records, the viewing table is there for history & reference, and in the future the info will be displayed on a tablet next to malfunctioning machine. What i'm trying to do is replace a pen & paper solution and sort of copied the logic behind into filemaker.
  8. Hello, a real novice question here (I know there are similar ones here, but those havent helped me), I'm trying to develop a sort of error reporting solution with 3 tables, the solution is as follows: theres one table, where the user submits an error ( lets call it table A), fills out the neccesary fields, saves and leaves, now, theres table B for mechanics, who see the the record from table A, they fill out the solution for the problem, save it, and then theres table C, wich is for purely viewing purposes only, so in short, table A has 8 fields, that are shown on table B, wich also has 8 ad
  9. Reinstalling the server did the trick. Nice thing is, it kept all the files and databases, so I didn't even have to restore anything. It said that the ports 80 & 443 were in use, altho server.app said it is off, might want to try to stop apache from terminal by typing in: sudo apachectl stop , since filemaker has its own web server.
  10. Web publishing engine has stopped abnormally or something like that, but I've tried every possible way of restarting everything, to no avail, going to reinstall Filemaker Server today and see if that makes a difference.
  11. Ah, well, havent upgraded or updated anything, it just sort of, stopped working. What I dont believe to be a coincidence is that Aussie James started encountering problems at the same time I did.
  12. Well if it works from other computers then the problem is probably with that specific computer. Have you tried changing the local name of the said client?
  13. I might be wrong, because I'm quite literally new to this Filemaker stuff, but have you tried adding the plugin to the server side plugins folder? Because if i understand correct, its the client connecting to the server that executes the plugin , and the client has to have 32bit java, the server can run on 64bit java.
  14. I have exactly the same problem, as of yesterday WebDirect isn't working anymore. Admin console shows that WEb Publishing Engine is running (127.0.01), PHP & XML enabled, but Web Server is greyed out and I can't access any of my WebDirect databases because it says Websites are turned off. An administrator can turn them on using the Server application. Running Filemaker server 13 on OS X 10.9 with latest java updates, hadnt had any problems before yesterday, tried restarting filemaker server, the OS X server multiple times, but that doesn't seem to do anything, read from so
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