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  1. I have a FM18 solution running via WebDirect that has been working just fine for a year, suddenly become incapable of sending emails. No changes to the code or the server. IE and Chrome can NOT send email from the DB but Firefox v70 can. Right now I'm "suspecting" a change might have happened with a Win10 or Outlook update but can't be sure. Has anyone here seen this problem !?! Jason
  2. <face_palm>Figured it out ! </face_palm> I had another script run at the very beginning of my "send email" script which went to another layout, did stuff, then returned. Of course upon returning the object focus was completely different. I moved that script to be AFTER setting my variables from the portal data and now it is running properly 🙂 Thanks everyone for your time ! Jason
  3. I have a portal that displays data from a related table in my layout. In that portal, I have a button (displays in every row) that will gather data from that portal row and end it in an email. This works ONLY for the data in the first portal row. HOW can I capture the data that is in the SAME portal row as the button that is being clicked? Jason
  4. Thats what I'm doing now. Once I was able to find a link to a windows version of 11 I was home free. Installation just finished! :-) Jason
  5. I found a link to older TRIAL versions of FIleMaker (not updaters). http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/10571 Jason Setting back the clock/date does not work by the way.
  6. I am converting a few simple FMP5 databases to Fm16. I have already converted these databases and know how to do it...but I have run into some other snags that I need some help with. I had downloaded a trial of FMP11 on to my Mac (latest OS) to convert the files to FM7. Then I converted the FM7 files to FMP16 on my PC w/ Win10. Worked great ! However, teh team I was doing teh conversion for was too busy to let me migrate them to the server so I waited for them. They are now ready for the switch over and my FMP11 trial has EXPIRED!! Reinstalling FMP1
  7. Resolved. I knew it had to be something ridiculous. The window displaying the shedule settings was too short. When I chose "Every n days", I could not see the additional field appear at the bottom for entering the actual number of days. The simplest things can be the most maddening :-P
  8. I'm setting up scheduled backups on Fm Server 16 and I'm trying to create a monthly backup schedule with the "Every N Days" option. However, it does not give a way to define what "n" equals !?! How can I setup a monthly backup schedule? (I already have daily backups working) Jason
  9. I have a report that is not behaving the way I want it to and I'm not sure why. I have 4 tables that are all related to each other: Tutor -> TutorCourse -> Course -> ProgramArea "Tutor" contains the fields: TutorID FirstName LastName Email TutorStatus (active or inactive) "TutorCourse" contains the fields: TutorID CourseID TC_ID CourseStatus (active or inactive) "Course" contains the fields: CourseID ProgramArea "ProgramArea"contains the fields: PA_ID ProgramArea (There are more fields in each table but for brevity I have
  10. Ahha! That makes perfect sense. I know how to fix things up now. Thanks !
  11. I have a multi user db and I'm finding that people are locking records b/c they are leaving the cursor in a field after doing a specific task. Is there a way to script all fields to have NO focus after a task is complete? I have tried to change focus to other objects on the screen, like a button, that do not use a cursor but the file remains locked. Any thoughts? Jason
  12. If I was recording directly to a container in FMGO, does FMGO store the data until recording is finished then upload it to the server? OR is it streaming it to the server as it is recorded? The recordings I do could be 2 to 2.5 hours in length. The device would have plenty of storage for that but if it was streaming the data, intermittent bandwidth fluctuations could be a problem. The audio is client data. It can't be lost.
  13. If I was uploading a file from an iPad, where would FIleMaker Go or WebDirect be able to find it? In other words, if I recorded an audio file in say iTalk, could I get at that file to upload it?
  14. I'm trying to find out if its possible to create a web based FileMaker 13 solution (WebDirect) where I can remotely upload files to the db and someone else can remotely download those files. All the reading that I have been doing with regards to WebDirect doesn't touch on containers at all. Is this scenario possible and what would be the basics of making it happen (how to initiate an upload or downlaod, contain setup, etc) Jason
  15. OK..Awesome ! I kept wanting to put the data (my Yes/No responses) into the Value Data area. I also had a weird glitch with my report where it was not summarizing even though it was sorted. It would only show one record in the Body part and I had to scroll to see each record. I deleted that report and made a new one and that fixed that. Placing the chart in the Header and following your instructions have created a working chart :-) Thanks again !!
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