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  1. Thank you for your quick responses. I will give your suggestions a try.
  2. Hello, I manage a warehouse and created a database that maps all the pallet locations in the storage racks (about 400 uniquely named locations). I created a field for each location and each field has the same name as the location (ie: PR.001.A.01). The 400 unique fields are in 1 table named(Specific_Rack_Locations) and reside in 50 different layouts. There is only 1 record for this table. When something is received into the warehouse I create a record in a different table named (Receiving Data). It has many fields, 2 fields named (Control_Number) and (Location_Assignment) are the focus of my question. (Control_Number) is a serialized auto enter number field. (Location_Assignment) has a value entered into it that exactly matches one of the field names in the table (Specific_Rack_Locations). I am trying to automatically paste the Control Number into the (Specific_Rack_Locations) field that matches the data in (Location_Assignment). Essentially I want the data pasted into the field with the matching name. Go to specific Field script doesn't work . Thanks in advance for any help, Ed Warehouse Map.pdf
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