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  1. First, a little background...  We discovered that after upgrading to Office 2013, FileMaker (both versions 12 and 13) will hang when the attached email script is run. This calls up the default email client, populates the Subject field, and then if you enter a TO address, some text in the body, and click the "X" to save a draft in Outlook, FileMaker freezes up and won't respond, resulting in having to kill the FM.exe process in Task Manager. The email draft is successfully saved in Outlook 2013, however, but FM doesn't seem to get a response back from Outlook and hangs in limbo.  All this works fine in Outlook 2010 but just not in 2013.  I'm wondering if the 360Works Email Plugin would allow us to call the default MAPI client (Outlook) and handle the back and forth communication between FM and Outlook more efficiently.  Looking at the demo code for the 360Works Email Plugin, I can successfully send email using it, but those outgoing messages aren't saved in Outlook (Draft or Sent Items) for the user to later reference. The demo code just seems to relay the email off the Exchange server.  Basically, is it possible to call up Outlook using this plugin, or should I be looking at a different solution entirely?  Thank you in advance!  Andrea Lain
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