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  1. Since I don't have enough English, I write with google translation. In the example that I present in the attachment; I have four tables, namely Homepage, Income, Expense and Cash. https://yadi.sk/d/LnkUypdQtie-8Q I entered the information for 2015 as an example to the tables. My problems are; 1- When I select a date in the homepage, Income, Expense and Cash information should come according to the date I selected. 2- When I select 2015 ... 2020 or one of the new years to be added; a- Department No, Name and Surname in Income Form b- Expense No, Expense Name should come automatically in Expense Form 3- When I choose 2015 ... 2020, the Income and Expense tables should be empty and I should be able to enter values manually. 4- In the Cash section, how can I add the revenue from the previous year by calculating the income and expenses from the previous year. 5- If there are incorrect relations or definitions, I would be very glad if you correct them. Thank you very much for your help.
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