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  1. Thanks. Will fix that. No, I don't believe in using web viewers, Wim. Too much work and too complicated; at least for me. NautilusFM uses no plugins although they can be used; just a few custom functions and all native FileMaker™. The core concept is KISS; it's very easy to set up, make changes and get all the functionality the user needs. It's a framework not a developed solution. (Happy to talk to you back channel about it (303) 856 5778
  2. What if a single thought created the next step in FileMaker interface design? What if that thought led to a framework that can be used for every project and allows users to do everything they need on a single screen; where they never get out of context and it's impossible to get lost? What if that interface required no training, or second guessing and made users want to use the program? What if that framework was available to everybody who develops FileMaker™ solutions; in house developers, professional developers, consultants? What if ... ? http://www.filemakercommunitycollege.com/nautilusfm/
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