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  1. On Thursday, April 29, my friend and speaking coach, Al Jensen, is putting on this webinar, at my request,. specifically and specially for the FileMaker™ Community. https://on.zoom.us/ev/AGDuLn5sN3sKNxoKIo-Fkdnw7MwhtMri6LGeFYY5_f-50fI3MVWG5LE2BgNexE8MorpB_Os I'm always looking for ways to improve my presentation skills and being able to communicate effectively to groups of any size is an essential asset for any developers who want to stand out from the crowd. Sign up today, seats are limited.
  2. David Knight is one of the FileMaker community's best known developers, running a successful consulting firm, speaking at DevCon and holding a board member position at the Chamber of Commerce in Burbank. Listen as we explore how David started his business from scratch and ended up as one of the most successful FileMaker development firms in the world. You might be surprised how he started his career in the FileMaker market and how it could spur you to think outside the box like David. And, did we forget to mention he helps manage the largest FileMaker developers group in the world? There’s so
  3. A brief explanation of relationships. This video is for newbies/intermediates to FileMaker™ and is the 3nd in a series explaining key concepts in an entertaining and easy-to-understand way. (Part 2 of this video will be released shorly).
  4. A brief explanation of primary keys. This video is for newbies/intermediates to FileMaker™ and is the 2nd in a series explaining key concepts in an entertaining and easy-to-understand way.
  5. If you are at all interested in hearing where Brad Freitag is taking Claris and how the Developer Community fits in to those plans, then you are not going to want to miss this podcast. It may well be the best use of 75 minutes in your professional life. https://firesidefilemaker.podbean.com/e/a-conversation-with-brad-freitag-1614645756/
  6. We were honored to be joined by the most influential person in the FileMaker community, Brad Freitag, Claris' CEO. It was a very open and interesting discussion and Brad shared his vision for FileMaker moving forward as well as part that the developer community have to play in this new, but familiar, sandbox we call home. You won't want to miss listening to this one.
  7. https://firesidefilemaker.podbean.com/e/can-you-hear-me-running-faster/ Our guest today is Nick Lightbody from the UK, who you may not be familiar with but, behind the scenes, Nick has had and continues to have enormous influence on the work we do, because he is intently focused on getting FileMaker to perform better and faster. In Nick's words "Performance is the most underdiscussed subject and yet it is the object of most complaints." In this fascinating discussion, Nick talks about the work he does and its implications, and it will give anybody who listens some really powerfu
  8. https://firesidefilemaker.podbean.com/e/walking-in-carltons-shoes/ In this episode, we are visited by the one and only Richard Carlton from RC consulting Inc. Richard Carlton is a long time veteran of the FileMaker Community. With his 28 years of experience, he has built a team of 32 FileMaker developers and supporting staff throughout North America. Richard is best known for his video courses on the FileMaker Platform, developing “FM Starting Point” Business Software (free to everyone). RCC is involved with every facet of the FileMaker platform including: training, development of custom
  9. https://firesidefilemaker.podbean.com/e/punishing-performance/ In this PodCast, we highlight yet another hero in the FileMaker market, Wim Decorte of Soliant Consulting. As long as there has been FileMaker, it seems like Wim has been there helping people on the message boards, writing white papers and presenting at Claris DevCon/Engage. He even created an open source FileMaker product, called the Punisher, aimed at testing a FileMaker solution over the network. We’ll discuss the Punisher and where you can get it, as well as optimizing performance on FileMaker Server, FileMaker Pro and Fil
  10. Do you need to separate a block of text into individual fields? You cold use the Position function and a combination of left, middle and right functions or you could use the KISS method. https://youtu.be/n32QR6VqXjc Check out www.filemakercommunitycollege.com for more tutorials.
  11. Stay safe these holidays in these most difficult of times. We'll be back in the New Year with a fascinating conversation that we're sure you will enjoy.
  12. Apologies to all who've wanted to download the 1st FileMaker Challenge. For some reason, the web page was loading very slowly and many people gave up so here is a direct download link: https://www.filemakercommunitycollege.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/FileMakerChallenge_1..zip
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