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  1. Thank you. I just wanted to confirm that downloading the 64bit zip file from your S3 bucket and replacing my existing "jre" files did fix the problem.
  2. After moving the .fmx64 plugin file to the Extensions folder, FileMaker Pro (v18.0.3 and Windows 10) shows a message saying "Unable to launch plug-in child process JVM". This is happening for both the Email plugin and the FTPeek plugin.
  3. A power outage and UPS failure caused the Windows 2016 server to restart. For unknown reasons, this appears to have resolved the problem. The server had been intentionally restarted once while experiencing the above issue. I confirmed in the Event log that the same scripts are firing at the same time and FMSE is not terminating abnormally. ...I guess 'have you tried turning it off and back on' would have been the correct response to this problem. Ugh.
  4. Our office recently replaced a database server and upgraded to FMS17 from FMS16. Now that FMS17 is being used, the Script Engine process terminates abnormally when 2 scheduled scripts using the Email plugin fire-off at the same time. Individually, the scripts run fine. However, run in tandem, they crash FMSE. Any thoughts on why the 360Works Email plugin would allow simultaneous scripts to run in FMS16 but not in FMS17? Server Version is: Plugin Version is: 3.1 Sample Event Logs: 2019-03-21 17:35:00.166 -0600 Information 148 SERVERNAME Schedule "Email Exa
  5. I came looking for the same answer. I too have a need to connect via SFTP and a key pair where I hold the private key. I see the function that can pull the public key but how do I get FTPeek to authenticate the two keys?
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