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  1. Hi everyone, A while ago I have developed a FileMaker solution that is currently running on FileMaker server Version 14. I have 40 clients connecting to the server. Every client is either version 14 for 15 a FileMaker Pro. The solution includes a calendar which is displayed on the web viewer. The calendar pulls real-time data from the FileMaker server and displays it as a web page inside webviewer. The calendar uses PHP and CSS to generate the view. Every client that has updated to Mac OS hi Sierra he's having issues with the web viewer. Sometimes the content loads immediately, but sometimes it takes a second reload in order to see the content. Is anyone else having similar issues since upgrading to OS X hi Sierra? Thank you Federico
  2. Thank you comment! It works perfectly! I had done but was sorting the relationship as ascending! Thanks again. Really appreciated. Federico
  3. Thank you! I'm reposting this into relationships. Two raises in a year cannot happen. If the employee had a raise in the given year,then that's the salary that should be displayed... Thx again. Federico
  4. Hi everyone, Hi have 3 tables: Employees: EmpID: number First: text Last: text Salaries: Salary: amount in dollars Date: this is either the hire date or the last increase. EmpID: number Years: Year: number EmpID: number On the Years layout I need to see for the given year how much a certain employee is making. So basically I need lookup the salary amount based on the nearest year to the current... Let's say EmpID 1, John Doe started in 2007 with a salary of $25,000 then 2009 got a raise to $31,000 finally in 2011 got another raise to $34,000 If I look at the year 2013 for EmpID I need to get to $34,000 which is the last raise before 2013. This is part of a much more complicated database, but the missing thing for me is how to get to the latest nearest year from a list or a bunch of related records... I don't know how to recursively test inside a calculation field in FM. Thx for your help! Federico

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