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  1. Hey All i have client that has a deep complex scheduling problem. They have two locations. Each location has multiple zones. Each zone has multiple activities that can be done in them. For a location to run a particular activity in a particular zone it must have a teacher. There are multiple teachers each with their own specializations. Each teacher had their own schedule of availability. With me so far? now there are students. Each student must complete x core activities (do not require a teacher) and up to 5 specializations each week (requires teacher) they are
  2. Hey Folks Im sure this is asked but I can't figure it out. I don't want to link a file in the data schema - I just want to open it from an existing file while in go Created a button with single step, "Insert from URL Target:Selector::g_insertURL ; "fmp://Cleaners.fmp12" where g_insertURL is a global field and is on the layout. Get error 5 Command Invalid FM 19 on Mac Thoughts?
  3. Hey Folks Im running Server 17 and have a number of scripts configured to run. Recently, some have stopped executing. What I mean is I select it to run (or the server runs it as scheduled) and then when I run it manually, there are records that have not been processed. So I checked logs log. "Last Scripting Error (802)" Any recommendations how to resolve this?
  4. Hi Nuos

    I've just seen a post by yourself on a topic about charting and you sounded like you really now your stuff! So I thought I'd be direct and ask you for help with a charting problem I have. I hope you don't mind. 

    Firstly I'm fairly new to filemaker. We have just upgraded to 15, run a server (FMS 15) and FM pro (15). 

    My problem is this...

    We have a record for each pupil (we are a small independent school) for each week to record their effort in each class (6 per day). So each record stores Monday lesson 1, Monday lesson 2 etc, Tuesday lesson 1 etc etc. It has a total and average also. This bit is fine, all works. 

    I have made a layout that sorts all records by week commencing and then by score (descending order) with sub summaries that includes the average score for all pupils for that week. Again works really well. 

    The chart I want to produce is a line chart that shows effort score averages over the weeks. I can get this for individual pupils, I can even get for pupils is a certain category such as male/female but what I really want is to be able to have multiple groups on one line chart so that we can compare.  

    My thinking on this is that I create the instances of the effort score table for each group (male, female, free school meals etc) each one filtered so that the average in the summary field only applies to that group. Then create a line graph that uses a new series based on each instance of average score in the table. BUT, I think I need a table that I can use as the layout source that doesn't use one of the existing instances or else the data is not accurate. So I kind of need a middle table to base the layout on that can then be related to  each instance of effort scores to display the data accurately. 

    Gosh I do hope this makes sense.  

    I would really appreciate your help on this as its been a big issue for me for some time. Once I crack this I can then use the same principle for other data we have. 

    Thank you.



  5. I was encouraged by Jeremy to report here that I have independently verified this is the case. A few things I have learned. A Mirror Sync requires 1 (ONE!) connection to FMserver. Even for multiple users. You do need multiple seats with 360works though. B You have to have the application run as full admin (a data entry default does not work) even though Mirror Sync signs in as Admin - one compiled the user security setting is not changed. C ******* its fast! Im playing with install on timer to see if I can trigger Mirror Sync to run in the background once user has minimize
  6. I'll let 360works respond officially, but uploading a file will often take hours if not days depending on it size. Might resolve if you check back in after a few days.
  7. I have rolled it out. Speeds are good with 30 tables being sunk. Round trip is about 30 seconds on wan and 20 seconds on lan. Managing errors is an on going issue. Getting a pescy field is not modifiable error that I can't figure out yet. Had to modify it some to allow table by table pull and push for debugging purposes. Also modified to resolve 504 errors where es_record_UUID has a different unique record I'd used on my system. But speed is ok
  8. Ya thats about right. Just make sure you set the flag to off at the end of the script. Also, make sure the user is on the same field that the flag is set on - as it is not global (and cannot be). Make sure when you check the flag that that user is taken to the right layout and the right record. Let me know how it works ...
  9. Nuos


    On any layout you can display a field or just the text of a field in a text object. I would use the later for every field in the labels screen. You can do this by adding a text object, the then go to insert >> merge field. You can also merge "get" variables. So in the container text object it would read "container: <<container number>> of {{foundcount}}". you can send me the file and I can show you what I mean if you need
  10. I can think of a few things to try. First, set a flag field. Make sure it NOT global. Befor the import script starts doing anything serious have it check the flag. If "on" exit script else set to on end if. The he second would be to not actually use a temp table. Rather collect the data into a global variable, format the data to display nicely, go to a layout set to display the global variable. When user confirms, import the data in the variable by looping through the records. The second method works well with SQL and would be the method I would use. But it is a more advanced method. L
  11. So It's fixed ... guess how It's stupid easy A real d'Oh Reboot the client computer ... FileMaker funniness.
  12. I am trying to get FileMaker to extract the content of the inbox in mail. The code works on my computer but on my clients it has an issue. The code sets cell "g_Email_Inbox" and when I query that cell from applescript it returns its contents but within FileMaker on my client's machine NaDa. It displays as empty and any scripts within filemaker see the field as empty. I have attached the script for your use. Both new up to date machines. Client is running FM13 while I'm on 14. I will confirm that is not the issue but I suspect it is not. Really need so thoughts on this ... Im stumped
  13. Check your data source. Make sure you've selected from related records rather than current found set. Does that do it?
  14. My server recently went down and my clients solutions were stuck searching for external/internal infinitum. Could not abort. On mirrorsync side is there a way to set the script to exit if it can't find internal nor external?
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