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  1. Hi Nuos

    I've just seen a post by yourself on a topic about charting and you sounded like you really now your stuff! So I thought I'd be direct and ask you for help with a charting problem I have. I hope you don't mind. 

    Firstly I'm fairly new to filemaker. We have just upgraded to 15, run a server (FMS 15) and FM pro (15). 

    My problem is this...

    We have a record for each pupil (we are a small independent school) for each week to record their effort in each class (6 per day). So each record stores Monday lesson 1, Monday lesson 2 etc, Tuesday lesson 1 etc etc. It has a total and average also. This bit is fine, all works. 

    I have made a layout that sorts all records by week commencing and then by score (descending order) with sub summaries that includes the average score for all pupils for that week. Again works really well. 

    The chart I want to produce is a line chart that shows effort score averages over the weeks. I can get this for individual pupils, I can even get for pupils is a certain category such as male/female but what I really want is to be able to have multiple groups on one line chart so that we can compare.  

    My thinking on this is that I create the instances of the effort score table for each group (male, female, free school meals etc) each one filtered so that the average in the summary field only applies to that group. Then create a line graph that uses a new series based on each instance of average score in the table. BUT, I think I need a table that I can use as the layout source that doesn't use one of the existing instances or else the data is not accurate. So I kind of need a middle table to base the layout on that can then be related to  each instance of effort scores to display the data accurately. 

    Gosh I do hope this makes sense.  

    I would really appreciate your help on this as its been a big issue for me for some time. Once I crack this I can then use the same principle for other data we have. 

    Thank you.



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