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  1. seckinb

    Conditional List

    the problem, this relationship is not so simple for me. http://imgur.com/YTx4VEg where I will choose which name is related with which list? I searched, but cant find the source.
  2. hello I want to create a table that has only previous entries of chosen person. Tried to use portal tool, but there is no way to choose its own page. I want to enter and see results on same page. thanks
  3. I know this is a printout version of something, but this is the most clear version of my lab results. Is there any way that I can import from this html page? thanks :/ gg.zip
  4. seckinb

    Calculate The Age

    Year ( Get ( CurrentDate ) - Birthdate ) -1 this works thanks "Comment"
  5. hello I want to calculate the age of person via the date of birth but it calculates 8000 years... :/
  6. Thanks If I choose Auto Enter -> Calculate -> "Proper ("table's name) (uncheck don't replace) It works
  7. hello Could you define me to how to convert uppercase just the first letter of every word. (there will be 1-2 words only) thanks
  8. seckinb

    Conditional List

    Hello I have an address list in which I need to choose town and village. Every town has different village names. how to choose correct list after choosing the town? thanks
  9. hello, whenever I choose a field as Number, the number 1090921212 turns into 10+10e12. how can I disable this option? Thanks
  10. seckinb

    How to Change Portal's look

    hello I wonder how to change the way of portal look like. it is horizontal, and i want it to be vertical., search in inspector, there was no clue. like in excel, i want to enter data from left to right in my portal tool. thanks
  11. I got IT thanks.It WORKS!!
  12. Hello I created a portal table which i want to enter some data of a person in it. I see the tables are there, I set "Allow to change" in relation table. whenever I click my script, instead of creating a new record in that portal, my script goes to that layout and stays in. here is my code, (LAB is the portal table)

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