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  1. You can use special script and special empty layouts (without triggers) to run server side schedule
  2. I use : 1) special account or accounts for testing 2) custom function TEST which returns 1 ( if current account is one of test accounts) or 0 in other cases 3) special flag (test_flag) in all recods, auto-enter calculation by creation = TEST. So I can define records created by test accounts 4) privilege settings: view records if test_flag = TEST 5) start script should find only visible records in each table. 6) Instead of "Show all records" everywhere i use GTRR or Perform Find to eliminate invisible records from foundset
  3. well i can offer solution You should create a tab control with one tab and you should place your contaner field on this tab next try to resize this tab control (reduce its height) moving its bottom border up Adjust the height of the tab control as you need to hide bottom part of container then make this tab control transparent
  4. What kind of files do you store in container fileds? Do you have an ability to export container's content before playing?
  5. You can try web-viewer ( HTML5 <video> tag ) to play video in FileMaker without controls
  6. GetNthRecord ( RecordInPortalRow::id ; Get ( ActivePortalRowNumer )) = RecordInportalRow::id
  7. I use universal script trigger ( "OnObjectEnter" event) Set Variable [$param; Get(ScriptParameter) If[$param // field disabled Undo/Redo [undo] Go To Object ["foo"] Exit Script[] End If "foo" - is the Name of hidden portal
  8. And be careful: in sql statement you should surely quote field names like Date, Order (as they are reserved words)
  9. ExecuteSQL ( "SELECT DISTINCT "Regatta Contact AMYAnum" FROM "Regatta Schedule" WHERE OnLineReg = ? and "Date" > ? "; "" ; "¶"; 1; Get(CurrentDate))
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